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    The pic is probably too big. The allowed file size is 1MB. Give more information if that doesn' solve the problem.

    I do not use Windows Defender, it is deactivated totally.

    And i don't get a false positive virus warning or something like that. The EXE file just vanish without a message.

    However you helped me anyways. I found out it was my Avast virus protection which moved the file. I didn' realize because it happend without a message.

    I am asking for the files because i am forced to install the game more often. The EOSLauncher.exe gets deleted itself. Don't ask me why. So i cannot run the launcher any more without a reinstall.

    Of course i updated the graphic drivers and performed a clean reainstall of the game but that didn't help. First i could log in the game. But after a new launch of the game the same happens again, EOSLauncher.exe gone. I have no clue in which cases it gets deleted.

    There is no other way then beeing hit by others. Just keep standing in the middle area. There is only someone who want to hit others. However in my opinion it is not worth to get this achievement für only 10 points it brings. So i dont need that.

    They added more achievements recently for higher keys. You might not have recognized yet. Please check yout your list of achievements and you will find them.

    Here you must finish this 2 achievements to get this key

    Thats great that you posted pics of the achievements. However people must think they have to finish both achievements. That is not the case. Either the achievement for doomspire or the achievement for the dungeons have to be finished to get the item.

    Give it another try. For me it worked even with 3 chars of mine.

    Try to rightclick at the first time, and then with F. I am unsure but i think was required to me too. The quest is about a secret book you have to destroy, so i think it's meant not to get it work such easily.