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    Welcome Soulkeeper, to Live.34 Update!

    New events for the servers, for a fitting approach to Black Friday!


    • Maintenance work was successfully done on the servers!
    • Halloween event is over. The coins can still be exchanged in the capital cities.
    • The Luna event is over. The Moon Queen has been successfully held back.
    • The birthday event is over. The relics of Frigard are no longer available through quests.


    Challenge Tower (November 14th, 2018 ~ December 12th, 2018)

    • The EXP and Gold rates will be increased by 100% during the time of the event.
    • Every Monday, Wednesday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday this buff is active.

    Important Notice: The following Buff will be shown when the effect is active. Experience.PNG

    It is known that the buff has no translation currently.

    Drop Event: Vortex Region (November 14th, 2018 ~ December 12th, 2018)

    • During the event, the drop rate and the quality rate of the content of the sealed dimensional treasure chest will be increased.
    • The quest Rewards the Dimensional Treasure Chest has also been raised.
    • This does not apply to Vortex Hemligfjord (Level 76 ~ 80).

    Enhancement Event - Black Friday (November 14th, 2018 ~ November 28th, 2018)

    • Zima has returned!
    • The enhancement rate has been increased.
    • The cost to enhance gems has been decreased.
    • The chance of multi-level decrease of a gem, in case of failure, has been reduced.

    Keep your eyes open for new offers that will bring your gems to a radiant, sparkly level!

    Sparkling greetings and a great time wishes you your EOSP team

    wysiwyg image

    Hey Soulkeepers,

    the fantastic magic lamps of our beloved Zima have returned to our Webshop!

    Use the chance to get one of those legendary items to enhance your gems!

    The Offer will run until November 21st 10:00 am CEST!

    Don't miss out on this fantastic chance to up your gear!
    In need of some additional AP? Here are you able to recharge!


    Hello Soulkeeper ...

    The infamous Poripirates have heard of the Halloween event in Bernicia and

    therefore came over to us in Phoenix and left (accidentally) a little surprise for you!

    You must know, one of the clumsy pirates stumbled over a pumpkin and lost some of the precious treasure on his visit!

    Well, what do you think? Will the pirates come back for their treasure?

    Which Soulkeeper dares to open the treasure before they are coming back?

    You now have the opportunity to take the spoils of the notorious little pirates from the 1000 Poriworlds!

    Among other things, the Steampunk Dwarf Machine, a legendary 30-day pet, pirate sets, the chess weapon box, doubloons, and more!

    There is only one catch! Unfortunately, your this treasure disappears after a certain time!

    Therefore, the magic lamp of the Poripirates in our webshop only lasts until November 13th 11:59 pm CEST!

    Do not miss this opportunity, yarr ~

    ((As a little side note:

    The magic lamp is a little more tightly closed than the others and sometimes has to be clicked a little more often than its predecessors!

    Nevertheless, the contents are still undamaged, so do not panic!))


    The weekend is upon us and what could herald it better than a mighty fine Premium Plus offer with its extraordinary bonuses?

    Premium Plus will grant you the following effects:

    1. Experience and gold lost in the dimension field is reduced by 50%.
    2. Maximum amount of purified souls increased by 2000.
    3. Chance to enhance gems increased by 5%..
    4. Chaos Souls obtained when defeating monsters increased by 1 ~ 3.
    5. Daily login gives additional items.
    6. Depending on the amount of players using Premium Plus in a guild will it increase the overall experience and gold drop of the character, as well as the guild members.

    May the accelerating boost catapult you through the Vortex!

    This offer ends November 11th 11:59 pm CEST!

    Need some AP?
    Here can you get it!


    Hello Soulkeepers,

    a new pair of colorful wings flap in for a new mystery box!

    Now available in the Webshop as a new offer!

    Mystery box includes one of the following items:

    • Lily Pet Box [Good]
    • Lily Pet Box [Rare]
    • Lily Pet Box [Epic]
    • Lily Pet Box [Legendary]
    • Hourglass – 7 Days
    • Lucky Pet Coin Box
    • Pet Coins Rare up to Legendary

    This wingful offer ends November 13th at 10:00 am CEST!

    Need some AP for you own pair of red and blue wings?

    Here can you get some!


    Had enough of the green pets and coins? Ever wanted to elevate your chances up to the exclusive beautiful blue, pretty purple and ominous orange? Say no more my dear. We have just the thing for you in the webshop!

    Enhanced Pet Coin Pack

    • Rarity of the coins starts with rare
    • Receive up to 30 legendary coins at once
    • Chance to receive epic or legendary pets
    • Additionally a Lucky Bonus Treasure Random Box with a chance of:
      • 2 ~ 4 Average Key
      • 1 ~ 3 Superior Key
      • Lucky Locked Dimensional Treasure Chest (Grants a locked dimensional chest based on your attack power)

    This coin-loaded offer ends on November 4th at 11:59 pm CEST!

    Up for a boosted chance for pets?

    Look here for 'yer AP!


    Hello Soulkeepers,

    the maintenance of Wednesday, the 31st of October, will be moved to Thursday, the 1st of October, 10am CEST.

    This maintenance will include a patch to tackle a possible issues of the random disconnects.

    **During the maintenance is it not possible to play Echo of Soul Phoenix.**

    We apologize for any possible inconveniences and wish you a pleasant week to come.


    Your Echo of Soul Team


    Witches and Warlocks pay attention!

    This monster package for 999 AP contains many goodies, perfect for every user of the spooky arts!

    • 1x Witch Hat (One offer for every class!)
    • 3x Gourmet Spooky Cookies
    • 10x Halloween Pumpkin Pie
    • 3x Pumpkin Party
    • 25x Poltergeist Prank Potion

    isn't that hat looking quite stylish?

    The Witch Package is available in our webshop (under Decoration section) until November 1st 10:00 am CEST!

    Who knows what bittersweet goodness awaits~?

    Look over here for some AP Candy ~!


    Scary times are approaching Soulkeepers.

    Emerging from the past shadows of former Porighost have powerful souls been trapped in this lamp and

    been transformed by long lost magic into special and coveted items.

    Will you dare to liberating the transformed souls, Soulkeepers?

    White and brown brooms are waiting for you, as well as the Nightmare Stallion,

    yet are these masterful mounts are different than their predecessors!

    Not only this, the rare Pink Ninetails has also manifested in this magic lamp!

    The Halloween Pori Magic Lamp is available in our webshop until 7th November 10:00 am CEST!

    Who knows what bittersweet goodness awaits~?

    Look over here for some AP Candy ~!


    Halloween has started, dear Soulkeepers and fitting to the festivities have the first offers started to roll as well.

    For just 99 AP will you be able to put your hand into the mysterious shroud of our webshop and try to pull out something that your heart desires.

    What these might be, well some of the sweet contents of this Mystery Box are as follows:

    • Black Broom (from 3 days up to permanent!)
    • Lucky Potion
    • Hourglass - 30 Days
    • EOS Chicken Noodle Soup

    And a witch wouldn't want to miss out on the chance on this first offer to get one of the amazing brooms~

    This enticing offer ends November 1st at 10:00 am CEST!

    Who wouldn't want to get one of these neat brooms for their Halloween outfits?

    Need more AP? Look HERE!