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    A few years ago, I first downloaded EoS - I think prior to it becoming EoS Pheonix. I had a number of characters, level 60 Huntress (60 being max when I played) and a few mid 40 alts. I have come back to the game, logged into my old account to find it completely wiped. Not 1 single character survived. Not too bothered about that side of things, dont mind levelling back up and upgrading gear etc. My main concern is the fact that I spent money buying AP and have the "Thank you for supporting EoS" messages in my account inbox etc. I have asked my CM and I have submitted a ticket to support to find out if its possible to get my old information back. However, I have been completely ignored. I am aware that a lot of people are jumping on the "Returning player" and "new player" box bandwagon.... and that is not my intention, but I do feel that as a returning player who has lost not only his characters but also money, its a little bit rude and condescending that I am just flat out being ignored.

    Im not expecting a reply, just airing my concerns that people who spend money to support something, don't really appreciate being brushed off and ignored.

    I'm a returning player, new to the concept of the Paladin... Only tanks were Warriors or Earthguards, So I really want to get stuck into Paladins and give them a blast. Does anyone have any pointers towards them - Are the a DPS reliant threat holder, or is just having the "stance" buff on enough... Do they suffer from a survivability issue later in the game that would stop a possible tank/damage hybrid build - or would it be wiser to stick to mitigation?

    I am not looking for skill rotations or a guides to play it - I am happy to work that out as I go, just looking for a baseline as to what I need to be streamlining towards

    Many thanks in advance ^^:love:^^