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    Well we were told some wished for a lovely Atisan week so we come to bear great news! We won't spoil the surprise just yet. Just kidding! Let's get into it!

    First those will be glad to hear about a BOGO Atisan Zima Lamp! That means you can get yourself not 1 but 2 lamps for whatever your luck may bring you!

    Up next another BOGO this time it's for the BOGO Soulstone Enhance Magic Lamp! Increase your power through the magic of soulstone enhancement! Double the materials for the same price of 1!

    Of course we have to have a Polishing Experience +1000 scroll package for your jewels! Max out that polish from head to toe with these packages. At 30% off how can you think otherwise?!

    Well although it seems like a lot, the time given for you to take advantage of this may not seem so, expect all of these to be gone come January 15th!


    Welcome back, Happy New Years! We haven't talked in some time, we hope all has been well, we have some good stuff!

    So, to begin, we have the Traditional Chinese Dress Costume Box! Of course completing collections is part of the game so why not get a leg up?! This box does include some other items as well to help you out so it's definitely worth the look if we do say so ourselves!

    Of course we should get you a pet! So to help you out on this adventure you likely will go on, queue, the (Blessing) Pet Random Box! With a guaranteed pet to assist you on any adventure they're sure to power you up one way or another!

    As we have missed you all, and hope your ongoing year is going to be the one, we have to let you know one last thing before you're off. These deals sadly will be gone come January 11th, so don't question your choice for too long or you might not get another chance!


    Hello, Soulkeepers!

    First and foremost, we hope you are having a nice start to your new year, despite the unusual times we are together going through.

    We are happy to bring you, once more, a Producer Letter update! It is our intention to have a recap of the year which has already reached it's end, and what 2021 can bring, we also have great news to share!

    2020 RECAP

    The last year was in fact quite bumpy for Echo of Soul and we are working towards more stability. We'll be honest about it, acknowledge the mistakes and challenges occurred, and move forward as we've also learned with it and we are now better prepared.

    There were several changes in the Echo of Soul Team too. There is always a required time to get fully onboard, but we did it, and one thing we can promise you: we are dedicated and working to spot, report, fix and improve the game, while simultaneously providing you new in-game content and exciting CM/GM activities around Friggard and all the communication channels.

    Let's have a sneak peek of some of the major issues and milestones we've reached over this past year:

    Account Warehouse

    The disappearance of items from one's account warehouse shouldn't happen, as this should be a place of trust for you to store the items you earned and love the most. This said, and after problems around it, we are happy to let you know once more that this case is no longer affecting our Community, and in case it happens, we do have a process in place to bring your items back, in coordination with the EOS Development Team.

    In-game Localization

    Localization is something we have been working on a regular basis, by delivering frequently updates to several content over the last few patches, but also aiming at correcting some font issues previously spotted. This is still a work in progress, and we are also counting with your support: If you come across localisation mistakes, report it to our Customer Support, Game Master or Community Management Team. Expect more localization updates to come as we move forwards.

    New Player and Returning Player Event

    We are monitoring these events, as we do have reports of missing rewards, and in another case, the package being sent to all players upon login and without meeting the event requirements. The Development Team is fully aware of this issue, and we hope to have improvements in the upcoming editions. Additionally, we are also having a look at the reports of missing rewards from the Halloween Attendance Event.

    Botan Hammer Exploit

    This exploit is currently being monitored, after several actions were put in place in order to prevent it. From reset of stats, impossibility to list it on marketplace, and unconfirmed legendary equipment for reappraisal using the Golden Hammer of Botan that are listed on the marketplace, consequently unlisted and returned to the owner. We know this does not solve the problem with users who have glitched their gear prior, we do however have an ongoing report list, all users on this list shall be independently investigated for this bug, so keep those reports coming!

    Other Bugs

    In coordination with our Community and GM Team, we do have a fully detailed list of current bugs, which will be addressed soon. We would like to take the chance to say thank you for your patience and cooperation in this process, as you will start to see several of the current issues being solved in the beginning of the year. More information will follow as we proceed in 2021 in this same Producer Letter.

    And now time for an overview of significant events and milestones occurred over the year:

    Regular Seasonal Patches

    Echo of Soul is happy to bring you regular game content updates with new events and rewards to chase. This will of course happen in the future, as we'll be working also on giving you different variations of each seasonal event, and new exciting rewards to fight for.

    Integration of Steam Users

    The Echo of Soul and Steam cooperation as come to an end. This means that no longer players are able to access the game through this platform. Although sad we have offered them something for their troubles to help adjust them to their new home!

    We have addressed this situation and brought our Steam users home so they don't miss a thing!

    Major Monthly Events

    The months of October and November were quite busy in Echo of Soul! Not only we have launched the Halloween and Anniversary Patch, but simultaneously, we experienced two full months of activities, and plenty of rewards, provided by the gamigo's 20th anniversary and Echo of Soul 3rd Anniversary.

    We couldn't be more happy with your massive participation across several events and platforms, plus, the amount of hours we have clocked delivering rewards for the same event participation: it took us quite some work to follow up, but we were just stoked to do it, as your engagement just kept increasing!

    2021 Glimpse

    The Echo of Soul Team is excited to announce a major milestone: the 3.0 Update! This game update will be the corner stone and set the beginning of new content and improvements we have planned for the year! It's a lot to take in, and even hard to top!

    Update 3.0

    This game update represents a major milestone as it will revamp Echo of Soul and present you with new game features, such as Soul Sharing! A brand new system in the game, along with UI, and other bits and baubles to keep it a fresh experience while keeping a lot of what keeps EOS, EOS.

    Additionally, this will allow Echo of Soul to sync up with the Korean Server, meaning that no longer we'll experience issues and hopefully stay up to date while we're at it!

    Last but not least, and this is something you are really looking for, with the implementation of the upcoming update, several issues that are currently affecting the game experience and user quality of life, are no longer going to exist, example: Ignea War.

    More Bug Fixes

    As previously mentioned, with the implementation of the 3.0 game update, several existing issues are going to be solved, but there is a backlog of well documented bugs - props and well deserved thanks to you, our Community, and GM Team for the reports - which we are going to fully focus on.

    In case you are wondering why not solving existing bugs, and then launch 3.0, the answer is actually simple and logical: some of the bugs are going to disappear solely due to the update, leaving us then with remaining and known bugs to tackle.

    New Content

    We'll keep bring you seasonal events, as it is usual in the Echo of Soul calendar, but we'll be aiming at providing you the event with different stories, quest lines and mostly, new rewards to chase! We will also do our part and try to provide our bug list to the developers to help it be more polished on time!

    We are thankful and happy to see that you have stick with us through thick and thin, and it is our goal and responsibility to make 2021 a better Echo of Soul year! Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks as we will bring you the first step of what´s our vision for Echo of Soul.

    Also please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions. We are going to follow up and reply as possible.

    As we wish you an amazing year and holiday season, safely with your beloved ones, and with the family we all have made on Echo of Soul.

    Your Echo of Soul Team


    We hope you all are in this holiday spirit and to assist on that we have 3 weeks of deals! We won't go into detail, consider them our gift to you!

    Let's get into the dates then, shall we? We will have several sales, most following the format that we have been on, the items will be a surprise to you! This is a perfect time to be loading up for the weeks to come!

    December 18th to December 21st will be our mark for our first sale! Next sale starts from the 21st of December until December 25th.

    From December 25th until December 28th we have another special sale for you! Keep an eye out December 28th until the 31st of December for another amazing sale!

    Lastly one final gift to you all, come December 31st until January 4th, our final sale of the year! Specially made for you!

    That wraps this up! It's the most wonderful time of the year and we wish you the best out of this holiday season and a Happy New Year to you all!


    Hey there Soulkeeper, please hurry! We got limited time to share this before we leave.

    Now that you are here, we welcome you! It is a safe place here, do rest as we pitch you our wares.

    First up our Ignea Special Box is 33% off! Find yourself up to a Panda mount to ride around the neighborhoods of Ignea or even a costume to dress yourself up! Lots to be had but we won't go into detail it's on the tag!

    Up next the Pori's Magic Lamp X will offer you all something nice as well! Mounts, Outfits and items! Expect it to be found in bundles as well! 10+2 and 30+10 could be the difference in just another item to a mount or outfit!

    Make sure to grab them quick! December 18th is the end date for such goodies!


    Quick Soulkeeper! Come inside for a quick sales pitch?

    Well we welcome you! We have a few things to showcase before letting you roam around! We think you will absolutely be interested this go around!

    Up first! We have the BOGO Guru Zima Magic Lamp get 2 of these bad boys for the price for 1! That's a lot of enhancing materials!

    Woah is that another BOGO?! Well yes it is! The BOGO Royalty Magic Lamp + Pori Pirate Magic Lamp can be yours! That's a 1 for 1 at the price of 1! (We still are thinking how this adds up) Royalty used to roam the 7 seas so look like you're fresh off the boat and the freshest around!

    That's it this go around but remember that these BOGO's aren't forever! You can say goodbye to them come December 14th!


    We have something straight from something you would read in a book! Well, depending on the book and whether it has looting in it or not that's another question for later.

    First we have a BOGO Royal Guard Costume Magic Lamp + Goat Mount Magic Lamp that means a chance at a Royal Guard Costume and a Goat Mount! Ride away while looking from the Royal Guard that we totally didn't take from the barracks! Or did we?

    Next the Blast Pet Box of Gale (Rate Up) as you will need a friend for your goat that assists with stats and the ability to pick up items! At 50% off how could you go wrong?!

    That's it sadly! Of course all of these items are not to permanently be on our shop (at least yet)! That means that these will be gone come December 11th!


    Wow, you’re gorgeous! We're very pleased however to mention a couple items that have come in to help with your lovely angelic appearance!

    Firstly we have a BOGO on Angelic Magic Lamps! That's right buy one, get one, look like one! If not the costume, there's other goodies as well!

    Up next, and lastly, the Superior Key Random Box is to help you defend yourself with brand new gears! Use these shiny keys to pop open a few crates, get that gear and show them who's the boss 'round here! 30% off which means you get more of that bang (or rather bonk or slash) for the buck!

    So what are you trying to say?! It didn't hurt when you fell from heaven? Ah do keep in mind that these will be sticking around until December 7th!


    Hello hello hello! We sensed the power you possess and wish to help you further improve! So we have a couple backdoor deals to show you, why don't we take a look?!

    Up first, the Mystery Dragon Box is something to fear! For your enemies that is… With a chance at getting yourself a dragon mount or some goodies even! You should check it out while it's 33% off!

    To finish us up, since we are windbags, the Lucky Gold treasure box package can be yours at 30% off! Get between 13 and 23 Lucky Gold treasure boxes to help you speedily unlock your character's true potential!

    We apologize for keeping you for so long! We wish to let you browse our wares! Do keep in mind… These will be gone come December 4th!


    Hey there Soulkeeper!

    Around this time of year a bunch of deals get thrown your way or get thrown away! We've got an entire week to go over this time and we hope you're ready for it!

    From the 23rd until the 26th of November you will find yourself 2 new magic lamps! The Japanese Costume Magic Lamp as well as the Kitsune Mount Magic Lamp, a mount and a costume doesn't sound all too bad now does it?

    25th until the 28th of November expect even more with the Rare and Hero unseal order pack! They can be all yours for all those re-rolls who can refuse?!

    Next from the 27th until the 30th expect a stellar deal! With a BOGO of Atisan and Soulstone Magic Lamps (get both for the price of 1), the Collection Pack - Fusion Combination, as well as the Collection Pack - Best Hunting Dog. You can get all of these or none of these! They are what they are!

    Lastly that we have to offer, more details on what is to come Thursday November 26th, we will have a flash sales on both the upcoming Friday (November 27th) and the following Monday (November 30th) as well as one last special surprise!

    So what are you waiting on?! We do have more to come, but why wait? If you want it you should get it while it's hot!


    We welcome you to potentially the best time to battle-royale with your friends, and foes too! We come with goodies to help you along the way as well…

    What we have to offer is the PvP Package 1, 2, and 3! Within these packages you are to find quite the surprise! Containing several blessings and Chocolate Hearts to really help you get those Hero badges you would be crazy to not farm with this bad boy on you!

    Of course, this is on a time frame, break into the battlefield in style and get all those badges Soulkeeper! These packages will only be available until November 25th!


    Hello my friend! We come to bring you another fresh deal!

    First we have the Mystery Box: Motorcycle, with the colors in white black and purple you're sure to ride away in style! (Sidecar included, you'll see why!)

    Up next, the requirement for that sidecar is if you are to take a Mystery Pet Collection Box at 28% off you'll find one pet in each box guaranteed! That's a lot of mileage you and your friend can put on!

    We of course started increasing our shipments but not the time for availability as these beautiful deals will be gone come November 23rd!


    Howdy partner! We wrassled up some deals for you today this fine evenin' take a look will ya?

    First and a favorite to some the Pori's Magic Lamp X is to give your side something fierce whether it be a costume or a Pegasus mount to propel your wagon!

    The Mystery Magic Costume Box comes next, there seems to be no difference in the finest silk as well as sweetest threads when it comes to this costume box, get juiced up with stats from this outfit and feel free to cover it how you want while keeping those stats with it!

    Careful though! These deals will be gone come November 22nd!


    Ohoho! We see you Soulkeeper come on in! Let me know what you would like, of course we have specials for today and of course you'll hear them first hand!

    First up the BOGO Holy Healing Scroll - 30 days + Hero's Special Milk x10 is not only a mouthful but also a mouth-drooling reward where you can get that energy bar full with other perks and a scroll for 30 days, that's like never-ending heals!

    Up next the Mystery Box: Demonic Sea Horse is something to strike fear in the eyes of your enemies with it's red glowing eyes. With the capability of it coming in a permanent version but also having other gorgeous items you should at least take a look!

    That about wraps up this evening's deals we wish you safe travels Soulkeeper and wish you the best on your journey! These deals will only be around until November 20th!


    Welcome! We got some specialty stock in today that we think you will like!

    Up first the Lilin special box contains healing and costumes for both you and your weapon if you're lucky! Other than that those pet items like hourglasses are up for grabs as well!

    Secondly we have the Survival Packages I, II, and III! Within these packages you will find tons of supplies to heal you and your teammates as well as to pick yourself up in battle!

    Be weary! This deal will stick around for November 18th! Who knows when we will get enough stock of potions and scrolls again!


    Hey there, now that we have your attention, we would like to pitch a couple ideas to you.

    First idea of ours that we already started to implement is a BOGO on Pori Magic Lamp IXs. This magic lamp can hold an Exorcist costume or a really nice mount! If you are interested you can invest!

    Up next, the Safeguard Package is to help further with those Jewel aesthetics too! Keep yourself glowing in your costume, on your mount, and in your battles!

    These awesome deals will only stick around until November 16th! Be vigilant out there Soulkeeper


    Hello hello hello! We welcome you on this fine day, we have some fascinating items that you might be interested in!

    Firstly the Jewel Package +7 is a box from seemingly ancient lore containing a +7 variant of all normal jewels including a +7 version for a Crafted Amethyst and Crafted Sapphire as well! Limited to one per account!

    Secondly the Enhancement Booster Package to compliment! Within this gorgeous package you will find 20 Enhancement boosters for your enhancement stones! Double up on that success rate!

    Lastly and competitively with our first offer the Jewel Package +13 to enter stage! Within this package, you likely already guessed, will contain +13 variants for all normal jewels as well as +13 variant for a Crafted Amethyst and Crafted Sapphire! Also limited to one per account!

    What a mouthful wouldn't you say? Why don't you take a look for yourself? Be careful of the antiques as you navigate our shop! Don't worry either these deals will stay until November 15th!


    Hey there! We got an interesting deal but keep it quiet since it is quite exotic! Up first become a Rhino King with the Mystery Rhino Family Box! Own a collection of rhinos to be at your disposal! We have this solid deal for 33% off!

    Although we only have this next time and the Rhino Family Box you should still be interested in the Angelic Robes Random Box! If you don't feel angelic you can always look like it!

    We hope you love these deals and hope to see if you are undecided that you make a decision soon! These deals will disappear come November 13th!


    Hey there! So we seem to have a couple problems, one happens to be that we have too many enhancement materials for our liking we boxed it up and give you a good price on it too! We call this masterpiece, the Jewel enhancement box!

    Secondly but not as much of a problem, the Soulstone enhancement scene seems to be needing a little lift, that's why we came up with the Soulstone Enhancement box! Offering items to protect your soulstones and remove the fear of upgrading!

    If you aren't interested could you at least wish Echo of Soul a happy birthday? Maybe even sing it if you feel so inclined! This quite literal fire sale will only be around until November 9th 2020 so do take part if you are interested!


    Wir haben ein paar neue Gegenstände die wir euch zeigen müssen Seelenhüter, also setzt euch bitte hin und lasst uns heute Abend, euch unsere tollen Angebote zeigen!

    Zuerst die Ignea spezial Kiste, wahrscheinlich eine Kiste aus euren Träumen, mit Begleitermünzen, das Assassine Set, oder sogar den [Event] Dessert Tee Maronen, ihr werdet geschockt sein was ihr alles erhalten könnt!

    Als nächstes die Mystische Box: Botan ist etwas um euch die Chance aufs neu Rollen zu geben, wenn ihr es benötigt! Ihr könnt bis zu 3 Botans Hammer in der Kiste finden oder Fragmente um ihn selber herzustellen!

    Ihr solltet euch die Angebote selber anschauen! Am 06. November verlassen diese Angebote unseren Shop und machen Platz für neue!