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    Well hello there! We seemed to have something new in our shop unexpectedly, because of this we are doing a buy one get one, so let's feature this item you must be itching to get your hands on!

    The BOGO Angelic Magic Lamp is something of mystery to turn you into one of those blindingly gorgeous angels! Get yourself a reason to be asked if you fell from heaven because you likely may have you gorgeous group!

    Of course that means that you get double the chance you definitely don't get the double time to be getting them! Bad news to this is that you only have until March 29, 2021 to snag as many as you can!

    Hey, Soulkeepers!

    Today is a bittersweet day.

    Together we have shared incredible memories and experiences – from our spawn events where the size of the mobs is modified, our hide and seeks one including our grandpa Pori, as quite as well your keen eyes assisting in our crossword ever so long ago. Then there are the memories we’d rather quickly forget. Luckily, there are more happy memories than sad ones.

    After more than a year with you, today I announce I will be stepping away from the EOS Community as I move to another gamigo project.

    Don’t worry; you’re in good hands with CM Bodhi. He will continue to prepare exciting in-game event and activities to keep you entertained, as well as your reliable GM Team featuring Xythril, Juuki, Kedehern, Ashaya, Chevy, Chalcedony and Necroblade!

    Your dedication and loyalty to building a vibrant, secure, and active community is second to none.

    This is not a goodbye; it’s a see you later.

    Until we meet again Soulkeepers,



    Ahoy Soulkeeper! We hope you are keeping the lands safe while we sail the 7 seas! We've got quite the magic box we've gotten from the ocean!

    We will get to it then! With the Mystery Sea Horse Box you can find yourself in one of 3 seahorses found in the lands of Friggard! These will take you from A to B whether on land or under water!

    Sadly this is it, but with this box you can get so much more! If you need some time to think, we understand, don't take too much time however because these will be gone come March 26, 2021!


    Hey there, Soulkeeper! Come here, we got something to show you, something is about to hit the market and we wanna give you a deal.

    The BOGO Flying Stingray Magic Lamp is to try to get yourself your own Flying Stingray for your sting operations! Fly around the lands catching those fugitives!

    We might only have 1 deal but you're the one getting 2 for 1! These will be gone come March 26, 2021 so be swift if you want your own Flying Stingray!


    We welcome you! We need to address the time travelers in the room. The Dimension Traveler Box contains all 4 dimension travelling pets to help out with that collection! Try to get that collection completion percentage up!

    We wanted to get it out quick because the timeframe for you to get your hands on these boxes! Come March 19, 2021 you won't find these for maybe a long long time!


    We welcome you and may your wishes come true, and they very well might! The BOGO Pori's Magic Lamp IX is for you if you wish your wishes to come true! What a tongue twister right?! Find yourself with two for double dreams to come true!

    We take no time getting to the point! That's because these deals will be gone come March 15, 2021!


    Well, well, well… Lookie here, a Soulkeeper! Word on the street is you got some sick threads but we got something even better, say how about some protective clothing that emminates a magic aura? Pretty cool right? Well come closer then.

    We have one offer and one offer only, a Mystical Magic Outfit Lamp is to be your resolution to your problems if the problem above since within is a costume beyond your imagination! There are stats to be had and we want you to get them!

    That is it though! Nothing more, nothing less, take it or leave it. Since they "fell off the mount" today we got some time to offload them, but we think they'll find out March 12, 2021 so we'll hide them pretty well… You didn't hear it from us though okay?


    We welcome you Soulkeeper, as the night grows colder we welcome you to our fire, while you sit and enjoy why not have a small sales pitch?!

    That being said, let's get started really quick, only one thing we have special for you for now Soulkeeper. The Shenlong Box holds quite a few dragons to be had! Flame, Blue, and Golden dragons are great to travel across the lands and will get you where you want to go as they are quite swift!

    See we promised to be quick! Now, let's hear some of your stories. Ah right the date these will no longer be around will be March 08, 2021!


    Well hello there! We want to let you know there's a special deal that is going on and we do apologize for being so late with this!

    We have some pretty cool in-game cash shop items that have been added! The Character Upgrade Base Pack, Character Upgrade Advanced Pack, and Character Upgrade Special Pack! Within these packs are small variances however the higher the pack the better! Each pack will contain a level 70 level up scroll and an immortality equipment set!

    We hope the late news is at least worth the news at all! We wish to let you know this stuff will be only available until March 24, 2021!


    Ah! There you are Soulkeeper! We've sensed your presence, and with that, as well did our special "friend" over here…

    Come come don't be shy! We wish to just introduce you. We wish to show you the Lilin special box, where we got it is none of your business just to let you know that it is for sale! Within this box, hellish dreams of costumes and skins come to reality ready to be released into the world. This box comes with a major responsibility to ensure it goes in the right hands, we trust you Soulkeeper please... Do what's right.

    If you are to not take this responsibility, we do not blame you, we will find a nice secluded spot and hide all of these to hopefully never be found nor touched again. Your final day to take upon this responsibility is March 5, 2021 Soulkeeper.


    Ahoy! We welcome ye to our shop. Inside let your mind wander to the mysterious wonders we have available! For example of such a wonder of the world, the Pori Magic Lamp X to contain some of the most eye catching things we've ever seen! Of course, a small tease may be the luck to find a Pegasus of all things!

    Of course there's more eye catching around here, but why take your time focusing on this item when there's plenty out on the floor?! Do be swift as these will be gone come March 1, 2021!


    Well look who it is! If it isn't my favorite Soulkeeper? Tell you what, listen to my sales pitch you might become wiser! Eh? We'll take that as a yes…

    So Soulkeeper, we hope you've enjoyed the lands far and wide, fighting evil and whatnot gets tiring doesn't it? Well we got this beautiful Lamp the Guru Zima Magic Lamp more specifically! This lamp contains quite the lot of enhancing materials for your gemstones that means more power, more killing, more time to yourself to like loot or sort your inventory or whatever you guys do out there...

    What's that? When can you expect it out of the shop? Well glad you asked! This is intended to be gone come February 26, 2021 to you know… Cover our tracks? So don't wait!


    Oh hey there! Come, Come! We have quite the box to show you!

    Thanks for showing up,we wanted to give you one of the first peeks at our Mystery Kang Xi Box! Within this box a costume, mount, potion, or another goodie to help you on your battle throughout the lands! Sound interesting? We got tons of information right over in our shop!

    Of course, if you are interested but don't want to take advantage immediately then don't worry! There is some time behind this deal, this deal will be gone come February 22, 2021 and who knows when it may come back!


    Well hey there soulkeeper! We got quite a bunch of boxes on hand, the problem being is that we have no way to open them! We've tried pretty much everything to get it open, maybe you can help us!

    Well that's strange the box when in your presence seems to open! Let's take a quick look inside to make it worth your while... Well then! This will certainly interest you, in something known in lore as the Box of the blessed one! You seem to possess the power to open them soulkeeper so we definitely recommend it! Within is a couple pets, a lamp, and some other goodies that can be had!

    Of course we have a limited supply (and time) before these are found! With our estimate, closer to fact even, these will be all gone until who knows when come February 19, 2021!


    We would first like to wish you a happy Valentine's Day! We hope that you haven't forgotten your gift! If you have, and are in a pinch, we've got you with our special pack!

    So here it is! What we call the Valentine Package is to contain one random complete wedding costume along with 2 other items to really sweeten the deal! Of course those somewhat secret details will be found on our store!

    If you haven't given that special someone a gift, now's the time if they play Echo of Soul! Maybe this will be how you get them in? Regardless this is a really sweet deal to have and will be gone come February 17, 2021!


    We welcome and wish you a Happy New Year! This year of the Ox brings a strong fortune for you all in the form of a beautiful sale!

    This Chinese New Year brings you the Chinese New Year Special! This box contains the potential of getting anything from Fireworks to a costume or even one of several mounts! Get as strong as an Ox this year!

    Of course Chinese New Year is only one day, but this sale will last a few! Expect this package to be sold until February 15, 2021!


    So we are back! With this new fangled Blue Update comes with some pretty swell and cool items!

    Firstly, and also lastly, is the Dimension Traveler Pori Box! Within this box, there are 2 new pets from this Blue Update! They are adorable, cuddly, and absolutely worth dying for (but don't!). If not the pets then you can find yourself coins, potions, or even healing!

    We appreciate for your time for this small tip and tidbit of what to see on our shop! We hope you take a look for yourself and find yourself a new pet to give a home! This deal will be gone come February 12, 2021!


    We welcome you to our shop, of course another weekend means another deal on the table, if you would give us just a few minutes to explain what is on the table we may be able to sway you the right direction.

    Within the Mystery Pegasus (III) Box you could possibly find a Pegasus of your own! That is if you are lucky enough of course! There are plenty of other useful items in there to replenish your health, blessings, and things to refill your energy!

    That is it, of course not much is to be had unless you feel lucky! Who knows maybe a Pegasus (III) is to be yours! This deal will wear out come February 8, 2021 so snag one two twenty but don't regret getting none!

    If you run into this, and you are 100% sure that you downloaded Echo of Soul from Aeria Games (EDIT: You also can check on virustotal to make sure that the information I've given you is correct as well, where the only anti-virus picking up EOS.exe is Windows Defender, if that makes you more confident.), you can allow or whitelist the file through Windows Defender. We have brought this issue up to developers in hopes to this being resolved shortly.