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    We got too much to cover for you but we'll certainly touch on and highlight what we are offering today!

    We offer some insane items for sure from pet coins, enhancement boosters, mounts, and even outfits! We can't obviously touch on all the items because goodness it'll take too long, but lets look at what we have to offer in our EOM May TSE!

    Firstly you all should know, throughout this TSE you can find Soulstone Stabilization Catalysts and Soulstone Safeguards to help you all out! Not only to see them on numerous tiers but also in quantity as well! Making every tier worth it if you're in for them!

    The first tier features quite a few remotes like the Remote Marketplace, Remote Merchant, and the Remote Storage!

    Our second tier offers a lot to keep you all blessed, with Njord's Blessing, Edun's Blessing, and Hero's Blessing, you'll certainly feel it!

    We don't wish to take up all your time and ruin any surprises so what are you waiting for?! Take a look for yourselves!

    This Tiered Spender with 10 Tiers packed to the brim with goodies will end when June 2nd hits at 12:00PM (Noon) CEST!


    The Mystery Mount Box Special holds pretty awesome mounts and items inside!

    Some of the mounts you definitely want to get your hands on found inside are: the Swift Blue Sea Dragon, Sun Quilin, and Blazing Rhino.

    If the Mystery Mount Box Special isn't enough for you, maybe you'll love the Pori's Magic Lamp VII or even the Santapori Magic Lamp!

    With loads to help you out, as well as costumes, mounts, and other goodies inside, these lamps might just be perfect you.

    The lamps come in quantities of 1, 10+2, and 30+10! Giving you a lot of chances to get your eyes on the prize(s)!

    If we were you we would hurry up! We know you can hit it big so why wait? This deal ends June 3rd 2020!


    We offer quite a lot, if you don't believe it take a gander at the Mystery Magic Costume Box!

    Some of the most powerful and invisible costume makes it feel like you're wearing air! Get the invisible costume in Rare, Epic, and Legendary quality!

    You may also find some Shape Memory scrolls or Recipies of the shape memory scrolls inside! There's no way for you to lose!

    Make sure you hurry however because the most powerful costumes will be gone on May 26th, 2020!


    Let it be a costume, mount, consumable or, even a bag - Pori's Magic Lamp IX covers all your needs!

    It contains costumes such as a Critter Costume Box, an Angelic Robes Random Box, or a High Warlord's Set and also includes mounts like the [Deft] Sun Quilin, the Dwarven Steampunk Mech or even the [Swift] Jiangxi Panda.

    If you require assistance to enhance your jewels the Atisan Zima Lamp might just be the right lamp for you!

    It contains various helpful items for your enhancements such as Guru's Safeguard, Enhancement Booster, or even Fantastic Stabilization Catalysts.

    Both lamps come solo or in 10+2 and 30+10 bundles!

    Additionally, we offer special Enhancement BOGOs:

    BOGO Guru Safeguard x3

    BOGO Guru Enhancement Booster x5

    BOGO Enhancement Booster x5

    BOGO Safeguard x3

    The Atisan Zima Lamp is now available in our webshop!

    The Pori's Magic Lamp IX will be available after the scheduled maintenance.

    These lamps won't shine forever, so get yours until May 26!


    We were waiting for you all to show up! We want to wish you a great weekend with some pretty cool pets and mounts available to you.

    Coming in our Collection Pack - Best Hunting Dog you can find: a Snow Wolf [Gold], a Steel Bound [Gold], and lastly a Black Panther [Gold]!

    In our Collection Pack - Fusion Combination you'll find: a Carrion Cockatrice, a Steelskin Cocktrice, and lastly a Bloodbane Wurm!

    All that is now available in our additional time-limited Tiered Spender!

    This beauty will last until May 18, so take advantage of it while you can!


    We heard that you all love a good panda boy (or girl) and so we came to provide the cuteness to you all! Behold, the Mystery (Swift) Jiangxi Panda Box! Holding more than just pandas you may just find the Urban Fashion Set Box for example! Lots of things to possibly get, we wish the best to the lot of you for the Swift Jiangxi Panda!

    Alongside this, we also offer the Guru Zima Magic Lamp which will hold Enhancement Items to help support you throughout both Royal Jewels and Atisans! Make sure you power up!

    Lastly, we offer a Darkness Magic Lamp! You may find the Blue Cogbot, Black Kitsune, Assassin Set, Succubus Costume and a number of other items that you may like for your adventures!

    Now available in our webshop!


    If you have been looking for a new ride around Ignea, whether it be a Rhino, Tiger, Wyvern, or even a Tyrannus, we have you covered!

    For a limited time you can get the Purple Rhino, a Grey Tiger, an Angry Wyvern, or the Ironskin Tyrannus! With them all coming together it will surely add some diversity into your collection!

    So what are you waiting for?! Cute and fearsome mounts are to rule the land under your name! Only available from May 8th, 2020 to May 11th, 2020!


    Welcome to our shop! We offer quite a lot that you may be interested in!

    We have the Energetic Pet Box of Toji, including our new Toji pets ranging from legendary to uncommon quality and useful buffs! To satisfy your need of pets like Lemurs, Anteaters, Bernards, Ciskais, and Toris!

    You can get the Angelic Magic Lamp to gain items like the Golden Cogbot, the New Angel Costumes and much more! Available in 1, 10+2 or 30+10 packs.

    Lastly, the Lucky Gold treasure box package might be one of the things you might be interested in! With a guaranteed minimum of 13 Lucky Gold treasure boxes to a maximum of 23 you can test your luck!

    Now available in our webshop! Please do hurry as all these pets, treasures and costumes wish to go to you! This deal will end on May 12th 2020.


    Greetings, Soulkeepers!

    We're trying to find the most knowledgeable people in Friggard! Figure out this crossword, take a screenshot of your solved puzzle of your answers inside, upload it on an external page like imgur and send us the link to it via this >form<.

    Participants who complete this crossword will receive 10 event marks.

    The fastest entry will receive a total of 12 event marks!

    Conditions for participation:

    • For this event the general rules apply.
    • You can only participate once per person.
    • Complete the crossword by filling the respective boxes, upload it on an external page like imgur and send us the link via the form!
    • Only submissions via the form will be considered.
    • Only serious participants are eligible for rewards.
    • Your character name and the corresponding server must be specified in the form.
    • The deadline for general participation in the event is May 6, 2020 at 11:59am CEST.
    • The decisions of the team members are final.

    Have fun and good luck!

    The EOS Team


    We have quite a lot to offer this time around just you sit, wait, and see!

    Up first we have the Flying Golden Dragon! A fantastic sight to see from our Mystery Dragon Box! Get a massive 15% bonus to your license while onboard and give 50% movement speed while onboard for 10 whole seconds! There are 2 versions of this beast for you to see it's true potential!

    After we have the Pori's Magic Lamp VII which has the Swift Sun Quilin, Swift Demonic Quilin, the Swift Moon Quilin, Mechanic, Street Fashion, Anubis, or Nerodin Time Extension inside! With a lot to gain it's certainly something to ponder!

    Lastly to expand that beautiful inventory of yours we have the Jumbo Bag Package holding 4 Jumbo Bags that expands your inventory by 30 slots each!

    Now available in our webshop!

    Make sure you hurry, because all these beautiful deals will be ending April 28th!


    With this additional Tiered Spender, many different goodies are waiting for you, Soulkeepers!

    Whether it be an angelic or royal costume, ghost mounts or beautiful kitsunes, pets or snowmen, these magic lamps offer it all.

    Now available on our website!

    This special Tiered Spender is available for a limited from April 18 at midnight until April 22 midnight, so claim your goodies fast!


    Soulkeepers, are you missing some wonders? With this Mystery Magic Costume Box we got you covered!

    Now for the very first time, we offer special costumes that are not altering your appearance when being equipped but providing you with extraordinary stats you do not want to miss.

    The rarity of these costumes vary from rare to legendary, but regardless of that, wearing these costumes will truly make you the one legendary hero Friggard has been waiting for.

    Additionally, we are offering our Mystery Wolf Pet Box and our Mystery Bear Pet Box at a 50% discount!

    Now available in our webshop!

    These offers disappear on the 21st of April, so be fast!


    Lots of Goodies and so little time Soulkeeper!

    We have quite a lot in store for you all this Easter!

    We have from a Bunny and Beast Random Box all the way to expanding that gorgeous inventory of yours!

    Jack of All Trades? Amnesia? Of course we have you covered Soulkeeper! How about a Sea Dragon? Oh that can also be yours!

    Superior Keys and Frigg's Blessed Healing Potion included too! So what are you waiting for?! Heal, increase your inventory, change your classes as you see fit in this Tiered Spender only over Easter!

    Please keep in mind this Tiered Spender will be around for only until April 13th! We wish you the best not only for your Easter, but also for your gaming needs and experiences!


    Some have definitely wished to improve your atisan jewels. You all get the ability to do so now!

    We can smell the power in the air! +20 Atisan Jewels will be waiting for you!

    Be able to upgrade your Atisan Jewels with the Atisan Zima Magic Lamp bundles now on sale! Get 1, 10+2 or 30+10 Magic Lamps for your atisan jewels at once! They give you different items to upgrade these jewels so we wish you the best in luck and wish you the speediest +20 possible!

    To help support all this we're also holding a BOGO on the following items: Safeguard x3, Enhancement Booster x5, Guru Safeguard x3, and Guru Enhancement Booster x5

    If you ever needed an opportunity to level your Atisans now is definitely the time! However we would certainly hurry to get those +20s as this sale ends April 14th!


    We certainly have questions, maybe we're understanding this wrong?

    We have more deals for you this April 1st and it’s no fools joke! We have the Moon Quilin in Mystery box form alongside a Mystery Swift Red Dragon Box yielding the [Swift] Red Dragon (mount)!

    This however isn't all! We will also have Flying Stingray Magic Lamps! Will this constitute as some sort of Genie? Do you get some wishes with this?! Regardless, the Flying Stingray Magic Lamps have a bunch of items to even help you on your adventures, a Steam Punk Dwarf Machine, or an awesome Summer Costume/Weapon Skin Box!

    Now available in our webshop!

    All of these are available for a limited time! You can say goodbye to these deals on April 7th 2020!


    Surely we can find a friend for you!

    Let us welcome you and thank you for stopping by!

    We have quite the perdiciment on our hands, you see, we have all these pets and consumables but no one wishes to take them off of our hands!

    Therefore, we decided to make a nifty little pack! The Blast Pet Box of Gale will contain either a nice little friend or an extension to keep your friend! No matter what, you'll win for sure!

    Now available in our webshop!

    We hope you can find it in your hearts to help out these lovely pets find new homes with loving families! Available until April 2nd, 10.59 PM CET.


    What is this? A lot of chances to hit big, that's what this is!

    Let us be the first ones to welcome you to the best opportunity to hit it big! For an example of a way to hit big, massive even, is to get yourself your very own Angelic Magic Lamp! They have varying package sizes for you to choose your liking!

    Up next we have the Lucky Gold Treasure Box package! When used you can get up to 23 Lucky Gold treasure boxes randomly! If that's not enough, each box contains a Dimensional Gold Treasure Box that meets your strengths!

    The Mystery Box: Sultan's Magic Carpet is a real eye catcher for the ones who feel like travelling real carpet-y! Just add magic!

    Life Box of Survival will contain a companion or consumable! If you're lucky you can find yourself a real cutie!

    Now available in our webshop!

    What are you waiting for? This offer ends on April 1, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET!


    We know that you all been waiting for such a prime opportunity to be getting your hands on magnificent jewel upgrades! Well now is the time!

    Of course we have the Soulstone Zima Mystery Box (199AP) and Atisan Zima Lamps all included in this time to upgrade those amazing Jewels! Be the talk of the town with your polished jewels!

    The Dimension Packages 1, 2, and 3 help you take a risk on the more wild side of things! Who knows what you may get in this fantastic offering!

    The Polishing Experience +1000 and +500 Scroll packages are here and ready to be used! Take advantage while it's around!

    We're currently offering BOGO's on Guru Safeguard (x3), Guru Enhancement Booster (x5), Enhancement Booster (x5), and last but not least the Safeguard (x3)!

    Of course it wouldn't be a sale without the Zima's Magic Lamps we offer! Including the x1, x3, x5 +1, x10 +2, x30 + 10!

    Lastly to bring it to a speedy closing the Guru's fine conversion scroll - 50% and the Superior Key Random Boxes!

    All now available in our webshop!

    This is an amazing deal that can't wait forever! This amazing chance to upgrade all your fantastic jewels lasts until March 26th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET!


    That's right! We're selling our Uniforms once again!

    Whether you are a well armored mechanic or required to wear a uniform attending your school we have you covered! Our Mechanic Set is also ready to go and primed for all the mechanical needs!

    The School Uniform is for when you're required to go in with some pizzaz included! Look a little casual or even more formal! Regardless of your fashion choices you'll look your best and hopefully feel your best fighting!

    Now available in our webshop!

    What are you waiting for? This offer ends on March 17, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET!