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    Es que en este juego la mayoría de la comunidad es de habla alemana, y la otra pequeña parte francesa, y la minoritaria parte de habla hispana e inglesa. Así que es raro que encontrarais una guild española, pero si sois nuevos en el juego bienvenidos. Si tenéis cualquier duda, aquí tenéis una compañera para preguntar ^^

    In all the characters created before the maintenance of Kingdom the once that were already lv 70 received an extra Jack of all Trades for another path, after also i leveled up another character and also received at lv 70 a 2nd Jack of all trades making it 3 paths available, but this past week i tried to level up another character and didnt received a 2nd Jack of all trades as my others chars, and for example the one at my main, i dont need it because i bought one before this maintenance but cant trade it to the one i need it. They removed it, is a bug? Or why from getting 3 paths available now it came back to 2 paths again? Need some explanation that from one week to another changes things so much.

    Thanks a lot Roti, but is about my account and private matters, so i dont think i can open talk about it in the forum, but thanks anyway ^^ Is nice to see the forums active :3

    Yeah, i check everyday my mail and ask by discord, but everyone ignores me even if i attach the coment to some GM or Support team ^^ And i am starting to get kinda anoyed ^^.

    But thanks anyway for the advice, i only hope someone of the support team read this up u.u

    I would like to ask if someone knows about the support, if there is any trouble or something, because i wrote a ticket a few weeks ago and still no answer of it, thanks ^^