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    they put the paladins boobs in here with a flat but those boobs should have been the guardian boobs without a flat but eheheh

    the game is closing its self again I already did all that other stuff this is around the 6th time its done that too me I am not going to put up with that much longer since I am already tired of it doing that its broken more then it works for me why is closing on its own

    those errors are back again i bet someone keeps coming behind Aeria and keeps breaking this game after they fix it i never had to do anything when i got status code 5 all i did was restart my pc and stuff but they might have fixed it at the same time so i don't know they have a post on the screen before you go to pw screen don't know if does anything though that birth day thing is bs they want us to fill out and that other too ive never had as many problems with eos that i have now but anyway maybe it will fix for you have a good one

    i have a question about the runic tablet the question is does the game only give you 2 upgrade keys from lvl 74 at doomspire keep and the dungeon achievements or do we do those achievements again for more keys? i see stage 5 runic tablets that some people have in the game 2 awakening keys would only get my runic tablet to stage 3 any other ways to get these besides the achievements? ok that was more then one question but there it is. or does it level every 4 levels now since they took out the runic enhancers every 4 levels up to level 90 or 94 or something but i will figure it out

    yeah it has been i think they at working on it but part of the problem is they like playing with your character so much they decided to take it on the weekends that's why server main takes s long every week they've been playing it i thought you should know see ya :)

    well it looks like they are messing with the aesir server again its greyed out like it was for however long after the 9 or 10 hours it was down for yesterday8)