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    I do not understan the pleasure of walking measuring your .i. to see who has it bigger with these videos :thumbdown::sleeping:

    Congratz, because of people like you that dont care at all about their dps, random dungeons are total cancer and hated so much on by many players.

    Ever thought about dpsmeter as a tool to improve ?

    i think AT this moment levina is More active then Edun and aesir, but aesir and Edun have better high end Player.

    For most levina players, this content is interesting and new thats why its probably more populated at this time, thats true. But actually he said for NA players, which is why Id say Edun, I think there are even some Classic NA Guilds on there.

    The best party buffing classes are:

    Icemage (krit & aspd +15%, cp reg +50%, mspd +25% 1/3 of time & atk +10%, kritdmg +20% > 1/2 of time)

    Firemage (atk + 4% 100% of time)

    Bard (Various melodies + atk +10% 2/3 of time)

    Earthguard (atk +3%, piercing +6% 100% of time)

    Zerk (atk +10% 1/6 of time)

    Reaper (crit +10%, aspd +10% 1/6 of time)

    Classes with no buffs:

    Duelist, Assassin, Stormguard, Tormentor, Hunter, Templar.

    Crusader and Protector have good buffs but not as good as the best classes. (aspd +7% 1/3 of time & atk +10% 1/12 of time)

    Good debuffs are done by

    Templar (dmg +9% 100% of time if played correctly)

    Firemage (dmg +10% depends)

    Icemage (krit dmg +4-20% depends)

    Bard (dmg +10% 100% of time)

    Stormguard (dmg +15% 1/8 of time)

    not mentioning the -10% krit eva -10% def that various classes can debuff.

    Paladin is always a good choice, tank is always well apprectiated in raids and crusader does very good dps.

    Hope i could help, feel free to ask.

    Assassin used to be really really good in classic, it was a must have for the highest raid. But in 3.0, since Def of Bosses is pretty low compared to our stats, crit classes deal alot more damage than piercing classes. thats why normally you ll see reapers, zerks, duelists on top, and never(at least in raids where you have a reasonable amount of debuffs and players who know to play their classes) tormentor assassin or firemage.

    Well Eg isnt that hard to play, there´s only a few things that are important for bossfights:

    -always have tectonic force buff so you get as much vitality as possible

    -use stroke of stone when it´s ready, you should be able to be >80 vitality every 10 seconds

    -use fatal seed in burst after 5 seconds to do as much dmg as possible with it


    use earthen sunderance for less dmg by the boss and more vitality from thundering thrust

    use Thundering Thrust if you need more vitality quickly (for stroke of stone)

    use your taunt every now and then

    for trash:

    gather all mobs use single taunt for vitality if its at 0 & detonation spear

    earthen wrath+tectonic force+flinted fang and spam seismic shock when none of those are rdy or not enough vitality

    aoe taunt when you see mobs run towards dps or after you used detonation spear&flinted fang to get some vitality and strengthen aggro

    btw im main sg and i just tank for fun so this might not be perfect eg gameplay, main egs can correct me if theres something not right

    From my point of view:

    Berserker:dragohead Protector:Matoya

    Duelist:shikamaru Assasssin:Assassin

    Huntress:Nutelli Bard: Zed

    Reaper:Skatta Tormentor:Shanks

    Stormguard:Shiki Earthguard:zzozzle

    Templar:xoxo Crusader:Shivaley

    Icemage:PinyTenis Fire:everyone cause fire is easy as f***