[Aesir] International guild Conspiracy [PvP/PvE]

  • Conspiracy.pngCONSPIRACY

    Have you already dreamt to rule worlds? To have the capacity to possess someone's future? To destroy all the hopes of enemies and farm your way up to the top ?

    Join Conspiracy, we fight for the strong and pray on the weak. We eradicate our enemies and assist our allies.

    We are teamwork, motivation and fun, our goal is to go to the top even if we have to go to war.

    My goal in making this guild is to unite a team of people to work together and participate in chat.

    Some people come here to be the best. Well, aiming to be the best with out good ambience isn't what I call a guild.

    Each guild member should be able to help anyone that is in need and to participate in the activity of the chat. Some can even be rewarded with gold, gear and ranks depending on there attitude and not there level and jewels.

    It's preferable if everyone could speak english and no other foreign language for a beter sociability between everyone except if only people online are from same country.

    If you wanna join our guild just submit an answer on the thread and i'll send you a pm with our discord coordinates.

    Hope to see you in game and thank you for reading.


    Nickname: Oslo

    Class: Stormguard

    Server: Aesir