Easter Eggstravaganza

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    Hello Soulkeepers,

    Easter is around the corner and we have a few tasks to ask of you to celebrate it with us in Echo of Soul! Starting at 18:00 CEST our festivities begin. Please help us Soulkeeper, and you will be rewarded handsomely for your efforts!

    Your EOS Team

  • Soulkeeper,

    We've lost the words for our Easter Invitations. Please help us find all the words so we can invite our friends and family to celebrate with us! I don't know if Easter will go on without your help!


    This event begins on March 30, 2018 18:00 CEST and ends on March 31, 2018 23:59 CEST


    1. All words must be found and clearly marked to obtain the prize. Unfinished searches or unclear markings of the words will not be accepted.
    2. All entries must be submitted to THIS form under the Event 1 section. Please make sure to upload your image to a third party image website such as imgur.com, tinypic.com, or equivalent.
    3. Please make sure that all information submitted in the form is correct as there are no corrections that can be made once submitted.
    4. Do not copy another user's work. Those found using the same image as a friend will get both users disqualified from the rewards.
    5. Please only enter once with one account. Those found entering with multiple accounts will be disqualified.


    5x Hearty Curry Beef

  • Soulkeepers,

    We were looking for a pet to get our family and friends but these listings have scribbled out the pets. Can you help put a name to the pet silhouettes? They say they're giving away something great, but the pets are still for sale. What a weird way of advertising your sale! Anyway, we need your help. Will you help us?


    This event begins on April 1, 2018 00:00 CEST and ends on April 2, 2018 23:59 CEST


    1. All entries must be submitted to THIS form filling out Event 2, entries within the forums or private conversations will not be accepted.
    2. User must give the correct name of all pets to qualify for the prize.
    3. Only one entry per user, multiple entries will not count and disqualify the user.
    4. The name of the pets need to be coherent and understandable and color is not important!
    5. Make sure all information submitted is accurate as this information can not be edited after submission.


    5x Phoenix Potions

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    Thank you for assisting us so far! We have one last task for you and that is to help us make some Chocolate Bunnies! Everyone knows the best part of Easter is eating chocolate, but we ate through all of ours already. Can you help design some Chocolate Bunnies for us?


    This event begins on April 3, 2018 00:00 CEST and ends on April 6, 2018 23:59 CEST.

    1. All entries need to be entered in THIS thread. Private messages or any other form of communication will not be accepted as entries.
    2. You must include your character name and server to qualify for a prize, please only choose one character to enter with.
    3. Your entry must use the basic template provided. Your entry can have a background, and colored however you wish as long as the template can be seen in some way.
    4. Your entry must follow the Forum Rules of Conduct and the Terms of Service.

    1st Place: Epic Angora Pet of YOUR color and stat choice + Easter Eggspert Title
    2nd Place: 3x Magic Lamp of your choice (Ghost Tiger, Zima, or Royalty) + Easter Eggspert Title
    3rd Place: 5x Rainbow Eggs + Easter Eggspert Title
    Participation: Easter Eggspert Title