Guide to Auto-Healing System

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    This guide will show you how to change the settings and configure your Auto-Heal system to suite your needs! This system allows you to use healing scrolls and potions automatically after hitting a certain HP threshold which is helpful when raiding or even in Open PvP!

    The Auto-Healing System will automatically be configured to use Potions and Scrolls at 50% HP and choose the best HP potions and scrolls in your inventory at that time. These items and settings will be viewed to the right of your skill bar! First you have to go to the settings of this tool. This is the small gear that is above the two slots. Once you are in, a window should appear that looks like this:


    You can choose to put only the potions in automatic or only the scrolls or both, it is up to you to choose what suits you best! You can also choose at what percentage of your life the potions and scrolls engage.

    There is also the set usage rate. This option simply asks you if you want that the system chooses automatically your potions and your scrolls (left option) or if you want to choose it yourself (right option).

    If it is turned off it should look like this:

    If you want to turn on the use of your auto-heal system you can press the play button next to the settings cog!

    When your Auto-Healing System is active it will look like this:


    To disable the auto-heal system you press the pause button and it can be turned on again whenever you want!