Patch Notes | March 28, 2018

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    New Content:
    - More Healing Items are added to the General Merchants
    - Higher level accessories now purchasable by the PvP NPC
    - Tier 3 and 4 Gear Sealing and Unsealing Orders were added
    - [Solo] Vagrant's Copse II
    - [Solo] Necromancers' Den II
    - [Solo] Soulkeeper's Challenge Stage 3 and 4
    - [Solo] Doomspire Keep floors 21~40
    - [Party] Lost Crypt (Hero)
    - [Party] Shadowflame Mine
    - [Raid] Ironfire Mountain Zone 1 (Easy)
    - New Warped Dimension: Land of Dreams

    - [BETA] Character deletion wait time has been reduced to 6 days from 14 days. If you are having issues with this feature please contact Customer Support.
    - Level cap has been raised to 78.
    - Profession level caps increased.
    - Obtainable gear from Doomspire Keep increased to item level 121.
    - Stones to create Sealing Orders are now available at the general merchant.
    - Arctic Seal Mount was added to Locked Dimensional Chests
    - Pet is changed to Junior Promethean Giant (Legendary) in Locked Dimensional Chests

    - Poison Battlefield has now been removed as a battlefield option.

    Server Events:
    - 133 gear will drop from Ironfire Mountain (Easy)
    - 127 gear will still drop from Kranheim Zone 2.
    - Earned Resting EXP is doubled this maintenance period! (Ends April 25, 2018)
    - Field quests will now yield double the Locked Dimensional Chests for quest rewards. (Ends April 25, 2018)
    - Battlefield Blessing Event: (Ends April 25, 2018)

    • Random Buffs will now be awarded in the battlefield maps. Stand in the blue orbs to get a random buff!

    - Easter has begun! Collect Gold and Silver eggs from hunting monsters and combine to make Rainbow Eggs! Rainbow Eggs will contain various rewards when opened. (Ends April 25, 2018)

    Web Shop Offers:
    - Ghost Tiger Magic Lamp was added: A chance to get a Ghost Tiger Mount or Ghost Tiger Coins! Collect 400 coins to make a Ghost Tiger.
    - New items:

    • Rare Unseal Order 2
    • Heroic Unseal Order 2