Legendary Limerick Entries

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    This is the Entry Thread for the Legendary Limerick event.


    1. Your Limerick must follow our Forum Rules of Conduct and our Terms of Service! Violation of these rules will cause disqualification.

    2. You must make your own Limerick, plagiarism is noticed and will disqualify you.

    3. You may only enter once on one account, those found using multiple forum accounts and game accounts to enter will be disqualified.

    4. All Limericks must be posted in THIS thread. Private messages will not be taken as entries.

    5. We ask that you do not comment or add to other people's posts, just make your own Limerick!

    Remember to include your name and server to get your prizes!


    Your EOS Team

  • This soulkeeper from very far,

    They looked into the golden jar,

    So shiny it looks so good,
    A boost upon their mood,

    Seeing it’s a tiny golden bar.

    Melody - Edun

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  • Veja se não é trágico

    A mágica daquele mágico

    Mágica diferente

    Que espanta muita gente

    Muito cuidado que pode ser trágico

    MacPay - Aesir

    ( I used google translate to translate from portuguese to english, but did not rhyme)


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  • There was once a Rogue called Blue!

    He thought one of his fights was due.

    As champion of the Battleground,

    He emerged safe and sound,

    But he dreamt, 'cause he's still in the queue!


  • Version française

    Le jour de la Saint Patrick

    Le monde devient magnifique

    Tous vêtus de vert

    Nous buvons un verre

    Tout cela est magique


    English version

    The whole night of St. Patrick

    The world become fantastic

    All dressed on color green

    We dancing like queens

    This evening is so magic

    Edun _ 🛡️ Lightning > Rempart / Suho

    🔰 LightReturns > Telluris / Earthguard

    ❄️Cieth > Cryo / Ice

    🎵 LightCieth> Barde / Melodic

    ☠️ FalCieth > Faucheur / Reaper

  • Hei soulkeepers step aside

            This event is already mine

    With that fairy by my side

            Only dust i leave behind

    Too bad for my ending rhyme

                  IGN : unavailable - Edun

  • Polihs version

    Co tutaj się dzieje w około?

    Widać każdy z nas coś pisze

    Aby zabić błogą ciszę

    Może jednak coś wygramy?

    Mam nadzieję lepsze od tego co mamy...

    English version

    What here is happening in about?

    Apparently each of us is writing something

    In order to kill blissful silence

    Perhaps however we will win something?

    I hope better than what we have...

    RAGGNARR@ Aesir

  • There once was a mage most feared,

    Since the young girl had grown a beard!

    She shaved twice a day,

    But that hairs there to stay,

    Poor thing was just plain weird.

    Shy@Aesir :')

                         Freya / Shy ~ Aesir

  • December 6th a great patch was released

    Got taken away Jan. 9th-'twas a tease

    By March half my friends quit

    Before the rest go through with it

    Give us a patch please

    Just piggybacking off your rhyme Quietus ;)

    Caladium - Aesir

  • "Once upon a time greeted by levina

    Lead my journey to Ignea

    Having a guild full of friends playing together

    Encountered countless people, raid and dungeon

    Hoping it last forever

    My Sweet Memories."

    Xiaovin@Aesir :)

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  • "Celestia was under attack by forces of evil

    All their efforts to protect were feeble

    One noble soul stood up against them

    And his name was Riggan

    But he got greedy for power and became a villain

    New heroes have emerged to carry on the duty

    Entrusted by Levina with that responsibility"


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  • Once there was a huntress

    with an outfit of empress

    She looked so fragile

    but her arrows were so agile

    But as she ran , she fell onto a pile;(

    HellDeath@ Aesir