Romantic Poems to the Team

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    This is the thread where you can woo the teammates of EOS with your romantic words of love and stuff. Write a poem to any current team member for EOS! While Poetry has many forms, we don't have any restrictions on if it should rhyme. However there are rules you should be mindful of:


    1. Make sure that your poem follows the Forum Rules of Conduct as well as the Terms of Service you agreed to.

    2. Posting something that can be considered inappropriate or against the forum rules as well as posting on numerous accounts will disqualify you.

    3. Your poem must be more than 6 lines long!

    4. Post your poem, character name and server in this thread. Please don't make comments on others! Just post your own poem.

    If you want more details on the event, including prizes, click here!


  • Ign: Meira

    Server: Aesir

    To Arches, please enjoy a bard's cringe-tastic poem.

    If love should be the underlining chord
    The cord of strings that, muted, still doth play
    A cascade of notes, though slow, be adored
    And should grow strong, the tone of feroce
    But you, my love, the essence of my song
    Such beats. The dawning of my awaken,
    Lost scores, lost pitch, broken, my tuning prong
    My guide on the stanza I have taken
    Legato in Fall, Vivace in Spring
    Rescue me, my pipe-less pauper. In turn,
    Should you notice my bow-less violin
    I repay the debt, my breath in return
    My dear, bring music to life, melody
    And thus, in words, music brings life to thee

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  • From Aiko @ Aesir

    To iArches, our lovely CM

    in the morning you lay there on the glade

    peacefully, gracefully, majestically

    an out of this world epiphany

    i wonder how you came into this cruel world yet i do know

    that with you at my feet

    my search for belonging has found an end

    you open your eyes and smile, still drowsy

    eyes sparkling like the purest gems

    drawing me into them

    i feel like diving into the abysmal ocean they are

    the water's warm and surrounds me

    just like your arms embracing me

    as the sun carresses our skin i feel nothing

    nothing but the purest form of bliss

    your whispered words are lost in the wind's gentle breeze as

    life awakens around us

    just like our love does

    from the deepest parts of our hearts

    "i've always looked for someone to perfect me

    but i've never noticed

    i was complete all along

    the whole time i merely needed someone

    who was, too

    so that, together, we would be complete, as well"

    you simply looked back

    starring into my eyes

    your freckles being closer than ever

    as you pull us to the grass beneath our feet

    and a pleasant numbness surrounded me

    as i fell asleep, knowing

    that i had found love

  • With valentine's passing and the portal still crashing,

    I wonder if the love will stay or if it's just passing.

    Then a thread came up with a llama to be won oh so cute,

    I need to wake up if I want to pet it's snoot.

    I throw away my chocolate stained vest,

    Cause for this rhyme I'll do my absolute best.

    Grab my tuxedo and my biro,

    I can't get this llama through giro.

    But after a night of hard long work,

    I slowly start feeling like a je®k.

    Out there people are still homeless,

    And here I'm sitting with my bonus.

    I throw away my piece of paper,

    And make my way down with the elevator.

    On the streets I see a homeless man,

    I'll take him in and comfort him to the best I can.

    ------------------------------------------------------------------------- - FIN

    Ingame name: LlamaLeader

    Server: Levina

    Echo of Soul Phoenix

    - Merfadu@Levina


  • Probably the sappiest thing ive ever written..

    This is for IArches, and its about her love/dedication to the community, and our love for her :)


    Quiet, Small

    Seeds of the heart don't begin as wildfires;

    A slow burn of embers - cascading as you fall

    Hardship, Rain

    With dedication through thick or thin

    Your love for us all means you withstand any pain

    Charm, Grace

    Simple admiration, a soul so pure

    Beauty is in your words - no need to see a face

    Arches, my sweet

    Be the beacon of warmth we need

    I shall thank-you with love, in every heartbeat

                         Freya / Shy ~ Aesir

  • , To feel the sky,,

    Your voice is rising on wave

    Of you nice are heard in the distance

    I am sitting on huge rock

    Sadness is tearing the heart apart for me

    I look horribly and carelessly

    And I am plunging into the dither

    I want to tell you something, to provide something

    It isn't possible this way to punish my love for you

    My emotions changed, are stronger

    I changed myself, I became different

    My shoulders became stronger

    And I understood, that I was entirely to blame

    I am begging you has only and beloved

    Don't reject one's bossmana

    This man made a big mistake

    And in his heart he/she is on fire sahara loves

    He knows... What? Where? As? Where from?

    He is kneeling on knees before you

    And he is promising you, that this passion will never die down.

    server - Aesir

    name - RAGGNARR

  • Cyan @ Aesir

    To anyone on the team as i love you all the same; <3

    I want to be yours forever,
    I want you to be mine evermore,
    And if not for all time,
    Then at least until Every star in the solar system vanishes.
    You are the light of my soul,
    Without you, I am but total darkness.
    Your very sorrow...causes me sorrow,
    Your my happiness, You're my universe.
    I want you to see that, You will be my everything Until the day I die
    And then when we're both dead and together again, it will all begin anew
    And just like before you will be my everything, I don't want to live another day without you.
    For you are the warmth of my day,
    and the sunshine of my heart,
    My everything.

  • I think i've got the love bug, and it's coming after all of you ~ <3

    I think i've got the love bug

    Yes, I think i do.

    I think i've got the love bug

    And it's coming after you!

    I want to be around you,

    Every minute of the day,

    I want to be around you,

    Let me pierce your heart today!

    I don't think you notice me,

    Even when i'm there,

    I don't think you notice me,

    But i want to show i care.

    You're always in my mind,

    I want you to love all day long,

    You're always in my mind,

    And my heart for you is too strong!

    I think i've got the love bug

    Yes, i think i do,

    i think i've got the love bug,

    And it's coming after you!



  • NobleSeis @ Aesir

    To iArches

    I've never had so much

    Sure of something

    Even with the difficulties

    I want to be with you

    I want to make it work

    I want to stay close in the future and have my life with you

    without any lies, nothing

    Just you and me.

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    The votes have been tallied for those who entered and the top three for the poetry event issss...

    1. Shy from Aesir

    2. LlamaLeader from Levina

    3. Meira from Aesir

    Congratulations and thank you to everyone who participated in the event! Prizes should be sent shortly.