• Dear players,

    we would like to inform you of a possible portal downtown over the weekend.

    During this possible downtime, accessing our games and portal as well as making some purchases or recharging AP might be impossible. Our team will do its very best to keep this possible downtime as short as possible.

    Please know that our ticket support will remain unaffected. For issues, unrelated to this downtime, please feel free to send us a ticket: https://support.gamigo.com/ Please note however that, no ETA/update will be provided by ticket.

    We thank you all for your patience.

    Your EOS Team

  • Dear Soulkeepers,

    Tomorrow on 12.02.2018 we would like to inform you that there will be a possible downtime of Portal. Please note that it may lead to login problems to the game, Portal and shopping or charging AP.

    Our team will do their best to minimize this possible downtime.

    We thank you all for your patience.
    Your EOS team

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    Our portal is back again but there are still issues with the Item Mall and most billing related things. We have chose to disable our Phoenix and Classic webshops until further notice and the issues are resolved.

    Thank you for your patience!