Puzzle Race Entries

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    This is the entry thread for the Puzzle Race from the Love Is In The Air! event. Try to get the fastest speed on our puzzle and post a full screenshot here.


    1. All entries must be posted to the thread, conversations will be ignored and not considered entries

    2. To reduce the flooding of the entry thread - please do not comment on other people's screenshots or times. Only post your own!

    3. Make sure that your screenshot follows our forum rules and terms of use. If there is something inappropriate in your screenshot you will be disqualified.

    4. Don't forget your in-game character and server names!

    If you want more details you can see the original post here!


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  • Greetings Soulkeepers,

    The times have been checked and our top three Soulkeepers of this event are.....

    1. Mendek from Aesir @ 19:02

    2. Navya from Aesir @ 25:09

    3. GenericName15 from Aesir @ 29:02

    Congratulations to our winners and thank you to all who participated! Prizes will be sent out shortly.