some Earthguard build for PVE and PVP?

  • Hello! I need a good Earthguard build for PVE and PVP that I can use. I'm new using this class and don’t understand so much. 8o

    Thank you very much in advance.

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  • I appreciate the help you gave me. I stopped using the class because I couldn’t find a good build but now with this I can take it back. Thank u so much. ;)

  • Thats for classic EOS not phoenix, Vital force and resuscitation not in the same column in phoenix, and also i think vital force is a bug coz i never see my hp increase when i evade enemy attack. ITS TOTALLY USELESS SKILL.

  • there was a skill in 1.0 / 1.5 which increses your max hp when you evade a attack but it was changed in 2.0 to +10% max hp permanent so its not useless....
    and yes the videos are for classic as you can see in the video name
    as far as i know shyuri did a video for 3.0

    but dont talk about eg if you have no clue

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  • yeah, unfortunately builds from old EoS don't really carry over to Phoenix because changes in skill trees, whether changes to actual skill effects of changes in skill order in the tree itself.

    I prefer a hybrid EG build and then using my second tree slot for SG for variety. In phoenix they actually put the first point in for you on your passive which is a bit strange but honestly welcome to avoid getting some weird crazy plebs without their core passive. One big difference, for example, is Earthly shackles. In EoS it was just a pull CC skill, nothing else. In phoenix, it gives you 50 vit on use which makes it quite nice as a starter when first engaging in a fight so you have a bit of resource to start doing something else other than JUST building resource with your other skills from zero.

    Also IMO resuscitation is pretty bad, that only 10% of your max hp over 10 seconds ONLY when you get critically hit is nothing. in pvp you will lose 10% of your max hp in a heartbeat. It's better to take health's topography as it also boosts your life node healing AND all potions/scrolls/bandages/someone else healing you and likely even your own passive hp regen. also the soul stone: granite is better for pvp, and even pve in general. why you ask? because the only people that benefit from def boost are tanks because they're going to be tanking and they get atk from it. other classes don't have NEARLY as much def as tanks like EG and protector (and likely the new paladin or whatever its name is class) HOWEVER every other class, that does damage basically, can benefit from piercing to do more damage, especially the ones that have the peircing passive scaling, AND the skill that links to it, soul stone of power, that also boosts atk +3%, so everyone affected by that buff in the area gets 6% piercing AND 3% atk. even as a tank you benefit from it because damage. The one downside to this new tree is basically that you HAVE to take the life node passive connected skill, but whatever not a terrible loss

    my MAIN concern atm at my lvl is whether I will get more use out of stroke of stone(nice damage ability that replaces spirit blade for vitality dump scaling) or vital surge for aoe cc (also vit dump scaling, less dmage) since its higher dmage than spirit blade and no 50% enemy hp requirement. Steely determination is definitely worth taking, as well as vital force. both good passives to make you tankier as well as some potential vit gains on evsion. As for flinted fang/tectonic talon, flinted is more for pve and talon for pvp. why? Talon is burst damage and reduces healing, which monster's don't really do, whereas flinted fang does damage over time. Yes the damage overall may be higher but it requires 16 bloody seconds to carry out the full damage. by that time most fights are over in pvp and you definitely won't be spamming it on that 5 second cd because that is a waste of vit, and no you are not going to get both of them because that means you miss the passive that gives you a nice, free shield passive when your hp falls below 30%. for the lvl 10 skills, I honestly never found much use for Upheaval, the slow is nice tho in a 1v1 fight, i prefer having my opponent debuffed for -5% atk. the slow is only REALLY good if you have to chase someone or if you're ranged because tht means someone has to try to chase YOU which means more shooty shoot time before they get to you.

  • eww ... the time i read "hybrid eg build" it made me sick

    there is no hybrid build ... sure you can choose wrong skills and play stupid but that doesnt make any build a hybrid build...

    and even if earthly shackles now gives you vitality never start a boss fight with a taunt skill

    as eg you should really use stroke of stone on cd its your main dmg skill besides that stupid fatal seed but lets not talk about the weirdest skill ever

    and dont use aoe skills in boss fights... they are trash an eg has a big dmg potential but just with jumping up and down you will probably never even hit the 5k dps mark

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