Which classes have healing skills and group-oriented buffs?

  • I.E which classes are not just straight up DPS, but can do other things like Tank, CC and heal/buff themselves and party members? First instinct is to roll a Paladin because I like high-defense characters, but if that won't cover what I'm looking for, I guess Bard would be the next best bet?

  • The best party buffing classes are:

    Icemage (krit & aspd +15%, cp reg +50%, mspd +25% 1/3 of time & atk +10%, kritdmg +20% > 1/2 of time)

    Firemage (atk + 4% 100% of time)

    Bard (Various melodies + atk +10% 2/3 of time)

    Earthguard (atk +3%, piercing +6% 100% of time)

    Zerk (atk +10% 1/6 of time)

    Reaper (crit +10%, aspd +10% 1/6 of time)

    Classes with no buffs:

    Duelist, Assassin, Stormguard, Tormentor, Hunter, Templar.

    Crusader and Protector have good buffs but not as good as the best classes. (aspd +7% 1/3 of time & atk +10% 1/12 of time)

    Good debuffs are done by

    Templar (dmg +9% 100% of time if played correctly)

    Firemage (dmg +10% depends)

    Icemage (krit dmg +4-20% depends)

    Bard (dmg +10% 100% of time)

    Stormguard (dmg +15% 1/8 of time)

    not mentioning the -10% krit eva -10% def that various classes can debuff.

    Paladin is always a good choice, tank is always well apprectiated in raids and crusader does very good dps.

    Hope i could help, feel free to ask.