Forum Rules of Conduct

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    These rules apply anytime to all users (in the following „you“) of the Echo of Soul: Phoenix forum and Discord to ensure a cultivated and appropriate behavior.

    1. Social Interactions

    1.1 You and all other users may not be insulted, harassed, persecuted, threatened or provoked.
    1.2 You are not allowed to publish reputation damaging assertions about others, regardless of whether or not they are true.
    1.3 You and all other users of this forum cannot to discriminate users on the basis of:

    • Race or ethnic origin
    • Religious beliefs and outlook
    • Age
    • Gender
    • Sexual orientation
    • Disability

    2. Forbidden content

    2.1 You are not allowed to publish any kind of private communication from another person.
    2.2 You are not allowed to publish any kind of personal information about another person.
    2.3 You are not allowed to discuss sanctions or accrued moderation warnings in public.
    2.4 You are not allowed to publish any kind of content which is forbidden in the games by the terms of use in the forum.

    2.5 The promotion or advertisement of any games, versions, websites, etc. not published by gamigo and it's subsidiaries is prohibited.

    2.6 You are not allowed to flood the forums, create forum obstacles, or spam the forums. This includes but is not limited to:

    • Posts consisting of nothing but a single word, punctuation mark(s), or smiley(s).
    • Publishing posts or topics, in order to create confusion in the forum (forum obstacle)
    • Duplication (using repeated messages) in the same subject; duplicate content, replies / posts / topics

    3. Clarity of threads and posts

    To ensure, that the forum is as informative a possible, you need to follow those guidelines before creating threads and posts.

    3.1 Use the search function to look for similar threads before creating a new one. If such an old and suitable thread already exists, you need to continue that one.
    3.2 You need to choose a meaningful title to explain the topic in few words.
    3.3 You are not allowed to answer directly to your own posts. You need to use the “edit” function to delete, change or add content.
    3.4 You are only allowed to quote the statement you are directly referring to.
    3.5 You are not allowed to create posts without a direct connection to the thread or post messages that are not relevant to the subject.

    4. Additional Rules of the Guild Hall Forum

    4.1 To make the guild presentations as informative as possible, you need to at least mention the following:

    • The guild name must be mentioned in the thread title
    • The name of a contact for applications needs to be mentioned in the first post
    • The server must be clearly mentioned
    • You´re allowed to post a link to the guild website, if the website links back to Echo of Soul.

    4.2 You´re not allowed to present a guild, if you are not a member of it. You are also not allowed to post into the presentation of such guilds.
    4.3 You are just allowed to create posts that contain news of the guild.
    In this following cases, rule 3.3 is suspended:

    • Changes within the guild (e.g. renaming of the guild, change of hierarchy, new skills etc.)
    • Event announcements (dates of guild events, guild activities e.g. chaos-cube, sieges, expeditions etc.)

    4.4 The thread creator and/or guild leader is allowed to request unwanted posts deleted by the moderators.

    5. Multiple Accounts

    5.1 You are allowed to create just one forum account. This also applies, if the account is temporarily or permanently banned.
    5.2 If several persons of the same household are creating a forum account, a team member needs to be informed, before a post is created with the latest registered account.

    6. Reports to the team

    The “report” function shall be used for violation of rules only.

    6.1 You are not allowed to contact more than one team member in separate private messages regarding the same topic within 48 hours. But you may include more than one recipient in one single message.
    6.2 You are not allowed to reports bugs in public in the forum – you need to report them directly to a team member or Customer Support.

    If you violate one of these rules, the team can inflict restrictions on your account. The team member will inform the user in question via private message about the reason of those sanctions. A violation of those rules can lead, depending on the frequency and seriousness, to the following sanctions:

    • Renaming / merging of topics
    • Removing content
    • Restriction of forum functions (e.g. Avatar or signature)
    • Blocking of an forum account
    • Blocking of the game account(s)
    • Granting an IP block

    IMPORTANT: This list isn’t exhaustive, but it doesn’t mean that actions that aren't listed in this thread are automatically allowed! We ask our players to use common sense. Disciplinary measures are applied according to the situation. This also takes past offenses and the weight of the current offense into account. This means that actions that would usually only lead to a temporary ban can lead to a permanent one depending on the history of the user and the context.

    Complaints about warnings or forum account bans can be addressed to team members or via Customer Support.

    Furthermore, you are required to abide by the Terms of Use and the Naming Conventions. If the terms of use just mention “the games” or “the game”, than those rules apply to this forum as well. In case of contradictions between forum rules and the Terms of Use you need to abide to the forum rules.

    These guidelines may be subjected to changes and additions.