Mass DC again , cant log-in

  • Same and right now.

    I thought it was a problem of my connection since we are going to the optical fiber ...

    But if it's a general problem with the game server, then, ok.

    I hope it will be resolved soon.

    Have a nice day and a good weekend all

    | MFay | Edun


    | MFay | Yggdrasil

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  • Yeah super... the majority from us then again has players the same as at one time. Moment on the server and we are getting dc. It isn't possible to do nothing... you will go the 1v1 fight up kick... you are standing in the city doing nothing kick. I know everyone are trying to rectify these mistakes which turned up already at the older version games and on older servers, it is an one side of the argument, however second these are we players. It is making not one of us furious... try to rectify these mistakes, or else through such situations many of players will stop playing. Both sides probably don't want it, neither players, nor doing persons with servers. Rectify mistakes we are waiting impatiently...

  • you know spent and i am gettimg penalties galore ffs aeria work faster. Bf penalty now cause i was kicked out. No wonder people are so negative towards u. It has been all day and still no fix like wow.

  • What's up?... Still the same, it won't be possible generally speaking to play... over and over again you log on and you are falling out from serwa after a few minutes... Weekend behind the belt and still with it are you doing nothing? Are you trying generally speaking to do something? How I am supposed to be pleased with the game in such conditions and many other players? They won't give... really they won't give... Start doing something with this server or else is slowly playing the depths and will start players to dwindle...

  • all my dungeon not completed because of this server got always DC.. last time only 1 boss to finish that dungeon but i got DC suck..

    please.. why GM don't make maintenance in 1 day or 2 days? to fix that all bugs or what? why every hour?

    I think i need to rest this time or week.. Just update me if this game are all fixed!

    just wasting my time and destroyed my moment!