Thanksgiving Entries

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    This is the entry thread for the Thanksgiving Event. Click HERE if you're looking for the main page!


    • Include at least 10 things you are thankful for and why!
    • Must follow the Terms of Use and Forum Rules of Conduct
    • Please refrain from utilizing insults in or making inappropriate references in your things you're thankful for!
    • Don't comment on other people's entries - just make your own!
    • Don't forget to include your character name and server!
    • Must be posted to this thread - Conversations sent will be ignored nor be considered as an entry.
    • You can only enter once! Do not enter on multiple accounts as you will be disqualified from receiving any reward.


    Each player who participates will get a 5x Hearty Beef Curry (NT)! Happy holidays!

    This event ends on Sunday, November 26, 2017 at 23:59 CET!

  • I'm thankful for Lil Uzi Vert's Luv is Rage 2

    For God making Kanye West happy again

    For my mom buying me my first pair or Jordans 2 years ago

    For my dog being loud in the morning so i wake up in time

    For Arches being the best CM out here and socialising with her community

    For my phone not breaking again cuz that cost too much to repair miss me wit that

    For my cubase 5 working fine now and not crashing while recording

    For that one H&M worker who gave me 20% off but i didn't use it cuz i didn't have time :(

    For Marten not showing up on my screen again but i kinda miss him

    For my Kitsune not giving up on me when i switched to ghost tiger cuz of her big tails, but i came back dw guys shes fine now

    Dexter, Aesir <3

  • I'm thankful for living in a peaceful community

    I'm thankful for the food on my table and the money to buy it

    I'm thankful for good friends

    I'm thankful for the winter weather , the snow and ice produce pretty flowers in the spring

    I'm thankful for being healthy

    I'm thankful my parents forced me to stay in school , miss you mom and dad

    I'm thankful I was taught to appreciate the small gestures, a good morning , a smile , even someone giving me a hot cup of coffee.

    I'm thankful for the life I was given , the warm home and caring parents

    I'm thankful for all the people I have known , each one left their little foot print on my soul , each one is special

    and Last I am thankful to be able to wish everyone a happy and healthy Holiday Season

    LadyDawn @ Edun <3

    Love is an impossible thing <3

  • I thank for the alternative of the game of EoS, because I am loving this game

    I thank for RAGGNARR form of my dreams which I love to fight

    I thank for cut fights on bf, because are teaching how to be hard and fearless

    I thank VIKINGS for everyone, since are trying

    I thank for all get bloodily souls, because are giving me power

    I thank for every good word, since is fortifying my soul

    I thank for the alternative of writing here, because it is pleasing me

    I thank for all wonderful people which here I got to know, since are my friends

    I thank for spent moments in the game, since are pleasing me

    I thank behind the faith of everyone in me, because faith can work miracles, but the ability at least a bit is needed...



  • I'm thankful for:

    -Friends returned
    -Enemies too

    -My successful endeavors in business

    -This +17 Ruby

    -No one close to me losing their lives

    -Quality coffee

    -Cyber Monday specials


    -and of course, the Edun server :D
    Character: Jedah
    Server: Edun

  • Im thankful for:

    - Aiko

    - BlackSaber

    - Yukino

    - the crazy days with them

    - the insults we re sharing with each other

    - the time on bf

    - Food

    - alcohol (without i couldnt survive with those ppl)

    - the lag

    - the bugs

    Character: Pilone

    Server: Aesir

    Misuu Nudelsuppe - Ich hasse Wipe voll

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  • Character: Barde

    Server: Edun

    Im thankful for:

    1. EoS Phoenix being released
    2. Vortex being only PvP :D
    3. Worms in Vortex dropping lots of Gold/Items
    4. Having Kistune
    5. Meeting new and nice people
    6. My future hearty beef curry (and all other real curry yummy)
    7. Having pets and soulkeepers glory account wide on all toons
    8. Less restrictive account bank
    9. The people around me
    10. having cm's that can meme (at least german/english)
    11. having finished this list (wow thinking about stuff i'm thankful for is hard)
  • I'm thankfull for:

    1. Misuu ~ EoS would be really boring without you everyday :/

    2. pocaluna ~ I don't need so many friends -_- But you're one of my most important :*

    3. Aiko ~ You're way to young ~ You still fit in our circle of Idiots :P

    4. BlackSaber ~ You make everyday special to me :love: including my real life <3

    5. food ~ Best cooked food coming from BlackSaber ~ Myself cooking feels like eating charcoal :rolleyes:

    6. EoS ~ 'Cause i met a few new people ^^

    7. Evening Hours ~ Where i can talk with everybody, enjoying the game and have a really crazy time :D

    8. Winter Time ~ I can be online without anybody telling me to go out and enjoy the nice weather 8)

    9. My Family ~ For everything they did for me ~ And finally they understand i can't take a break while being in a bossfight :D

    10. Grocery Store ~ It is so nearby i don't have to walk that far ~ I'm to lazy in winter X/

    There are so many things to be thankful for ~ 10 Points would never be enough i think :/ For the moment those are pretty important :|

    Character: Yukino

    Server: Aesir

  • Im rly rly Thx for:

    Dragonball Super

    Eos Phoenix

    The Great Guild Infinity

    For all new Frendchips

    My Life

    My Familiy

    My Cat "Puma"

    For all Great Years

    Yummi Food

    And all other good thing in this World

    Samilona Aesir

  • Im thankful for :

    waking up everyday

    having food on the table

    playing the game that i love

    playing in the server which have the very friendly people

    the EOS community who will be there to listen to our problem related to the game .

    being in the guild that treat us like a family and never leave anyone behind

    the reward i got on dimensional boxes

    the rolls i got in every item i have

    the package i got from the welcome rewards

    playing EOS phoenix overall .


  • What I'm Thankful for:

    I'm glad I have these crazy people around me (yes, I'm looking at you Misuu   Yukino   BlackSaber   pocaluna ) :*

    Welp, EOS Phoenix has been released finally 8)

    For the nice weather we still have here even though it's almost winter!

    People around me in my real life.

    Having time for EOS.

    Especially my family and that we'll all be around each other during the christmas days <3

    The fact that EOS is fun (most of the time).

    That I can live my life relaxed.

    Just life keeps amazing me.

    And of course, I'm thankful for Merkel. Danke Merkel:!:

    Aiko @ Aesir

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  • I am thankful for:

    1.Family and Friends. There are always there for me, and without them I would be alone.

    2. Beeing healthy. I often complain too much about little things and I should be happy for my health.

    3. Eos. I play Eos now since the Open Beta and I'm thankful for this game. It makes me happy to achieve something in-game or just to play with friends.

    4. Crescent Moon. It sounds strange, but I totally love the moons spirit. I could sit a whole night under stars and watch the moon glowing like a light of hope!

    5. Music. It is fascinating how music can control or show your emotions and it is soo motivating.

    6. My dog. I don't have a brother or a sister, and my dog gives me all the love I need in life. Pets are wonderful creatures and we should respect and love them.

    7. Auto-save in games. It often rescued me from totally rage quitting :D

    8. Movies and (Anime)Series! I don't know what I would do without movies like Star Wars or a series like Game of Thrones!

    [or Black Butler( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)].

    9. Art. The most important aspect to illustrate me and the world around me. I draw since 6 years and my compassion to art never changed. It will follow me until the last of my days to picture my mind and heart.

    10. Myself. I went the last year's through many psychological illnesses and I am very grateful for being alive. It took me a lot of time and strength to fight myself back into life.




    Class: Earthguard/Paladin

    Server: Edun

    Guild: Out of Control

  • I am thankful for:

    1.still waking up, so i can play eos and doing something fun

    2.being healthy, i cant play and doing something fun if im sick

    3.EoS Phoenix community, without them i’m just a solo player xD

    4.ChubbyBunny members, they always got a new topic to bring up my day

    5.Ken Kaneki, my eos character got inspiration from him xD

    6.cigarettes, they always acompany me while im waiting for smat matching

    7.all of my pets, without pets i cant loot easily lol

    8.internet, of course i will be a zombie without internet

    9.every guy who help me for looking some good gears, thank you guys without you my char won’t be strong

    10.and the last one is for McJagger, he inspired me to find a cool nickname for my char xD

    MickDagger | Aesir

  • i am thankful for various reasons such as;

    1:i have played eos since open beta 1.0 and loved this game since it was my first mmorpg.

    2:it introduced me to many friends online.

    3:very fun dungeons with good group easy clearance with bad group 1 hour of trying xd.

    4:i only wish for getting my gems from eos classic to phoenix but that is not possible anytime this century.

    5:thankful for new dungeon and hunting zones.

    6:thankful to all those people who kill me xd,revenge will be upon them soon.

    7:pets are awesome but i need massive gold for them.

    8:game is epic as long as it dosnt dc u or lags :P.

    9:Competitive raids with other guilds and intresting guild members that can take a joke.

    10:thanks 4 everything eos has provided just dont let my gems break though.

    Akame | Edun

  • What am I thankful for.....

    1. Internet (A comfort zone)

    2. Food (Necessary to survive)

    3. Lifespan (You cannot game if you are dead)

    4. Support (Ceres @ edun has allowed me to make so many friends. Without the game I never would have met them.)

    5. Health care ( So I can game healthy)

    6. pvp balance ( so lower level players have a chance to enjoy their experience without p2w restrictions)

    7. Facebook events (even if you don't win you still have a fighting chance)

    8. Willpower (To be able to continue on new servers even after a hard whipe)

    9. Passsion (my love for mmos)

    10. A roof over my head (necessary to survive)

    I'm sure there are more unnamed factors in my list however these are the first that came to mind. If you are an individual that did not list these, consider them as a blessing. There are those who are less fortunate.

    ShiSenpai l Edun

  • What I'm thankful for hmm..

    1. My bestie Meira <3

    2. Choosing Templar and actually enjoying it.

    3. All the old friends I still have with me from 2.5

    4. The new friends I've made in 3.0

    5. My Foxy mount.

    6. Chocolate.

    7. Pepsi.

    8. Music.

    9. Decent internet.

    10. My friends/family are healthy.


                         Freya / Shy ~ Aesir

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  • I'm thankful for friends and family

    thankful for being who i am today

    thankful for surviving another dreadful year

    thankful for animals and nature

    thankful for making enemies

    thankful for my parents

    thankful for being portuguese

    thankful for a roof over my head

    thankful for coffee

    thankful for echo of soul

    IGN: ImObsii

    Server: Aesir


  • First I'm thankful for GOD

    thankful for my family and friends

    thankful for my loves one my girlfriend

    thankful to those who invited me this game "EOS"

    thankful for my friends of EOS game also people helping me to learn this game

    thankful for my guild mates "Syntatic Guild"

    thankful for my enemies too

    thankful for my Country "Philippines" and people playing EOS from Philippines.

    thankful for my personal computer and internet connection

    and the last one thankful for game master and staff of EOS game

    Happy holidays!

    JoyCommander @ Edun

    IGN: JoyCommander


  • I am thankful for

    - for the home I have that covers me from cold

    - the family I have who loves me and I love them

    - for the food I have and money to buy it, praise be to God

    - for the moments in game with the community

    - to live in a peaceful world, for the moment..

    - to be healthy, hamdoullah

    - we have a good EOS community on discord / forum

    - for new episode 3.0 with new content, not for the lags and server disconnect

    - for the 1Gb internet fiber optic, not for the c*** computer I have

    - for my guild members who help me understand some mechanics in game