Something new,something else...

  • Stories from deep inside for soul

    Everything seems so real.

    From every side living beings are surrounding me.

    Every day I am in new for me and unusual places, coming across strange... and too altogether wonderful creatures. So little I understand, but I know my purpose. Only... whether it is still interpretation of the games, or perhaps I got lost already in other world?... Not... I am wading at the target with all my might and a word is my weapon...

  • I welcome everyone

    On pages of this side I want to reveal what is stuck in me. By writing short stories I am portraying the little hem for my soul. I have modest hope that my production will appeal to at least a little community inspecting this Forum.

  • Of the ninetieth eighth day of our expedition, we caught up with the Demon in the vicinity of the ancient port city. Coming for many weeks from distant lands we tracked the wild beast. Our leader, he believed that the Demon had headed to the north, in the direction of snowy soil, but for some reason left this itinerary and took shelter in this city amongst sands.

    Not wanting so that during the clash they suffer damage innocent, the commander ordered us to wait with the attack up to the moment, when the Demon leaves behind walls of the city. We waited and we observed for three days, before the treacherous being resulted from the city. The monster then again escaped, being pointed to the north, the way a commander predicted. We caught him before managed to go deep farther than to a few miles deep into of desert. We fought with this louse with the hugest spells. The clang of breaking swords sounded in our minds, spells had an effect and we forced him to the retreat.

    The infuriated Demon triggered the full fury of his powers. The Earth exploded under our feet claiming many brothers. The fire caught fire on split rocks, burning next. Around us all powers of damage raged, but too long we travelled so that it could stop us. The cruel man tired out collected all powers and attacked the commander; fortunately didn't hurt him seriously. Reeling from terror, we redoubled efforts and we managed to overpower the infuriated Demon.

    The commander rapidly calmly approached the slithering bulk with the passion being on fire and cut his throat. When the spirit of the evil left the dying body through the sore everyone we breathed a sigh of relief.

    Regretful after the bereavement of companions we moved back, in the direction of glitter suns. On the way I hoped to goodness that the evil hidden in desert sands remained self-conscious to the moment, when people forget about darkness which strode all over their world.

  • Saga about centuries

    Outside for the Miniseris queen debate boiled, but Warriors finally got the upper hand and for people an area was outlined for the settlement, provided that incessantly are controlled. If will disturb the beneficial balance of the rich kingdom or if they ignore royal edicts, will be removed.

    Ten years later the Miniseris queen was killed. The manor house fell apart. Bodies of elves killed in action were knocked off for the stake still they were left. Soon then people ran, already from the Artemizis Valley, surviving elves and all other humanoids, announcing that it is their new house.

    The first-born Miniseris Defion son defeated during the aggression on the Artemizis Valley, regarded killed and thrown along with bodies of friends of elves for the stake killed escaped from the Valley broken and maltreated. He hid in distant Farinias forests. During the escape he went along long nights muttering to himself.

    - I will avenge you brothers... countrymen from my land I am swearing on Tallest God I will avenge you...

    He took shelter in the small settlement in the deep valley in very centre of Farinias forests. Although he recovered there in terms of physics, his soul remained ill - full of scars and being burning with rage.

    In ears incessantly for him an anthem of the revenge sounded. He sent messengers to distant lands and after shared arrangements with masters elfich collected clans of Darkness of companions in misery. Elves of Darkness which their forgotten colonies kept in a deep secret, far in the zone of the darkness joined it. They demanded from world that Defiona answered the call for the revenge - irrespective of the price: the life and souls of elves. Still here from ruins of the Miniseris manor house new power arose. Such eager power in one's aspirations for her believers raised their cells to the rank of the religion and called themselves,, with Worship Stormitów,,. He grasped at straws to spread terror amongst the race of human usurpers which took over the Artemizis Valley and grew in strength day by day, incessantly. The war took land in.However people were more and more powerful, still found ways to survive, sustaining disasters and various tortures...

    to be continued...

  • None of prophets predicted such a rotation of the matter. Seemingly calm of lines of the era of elves - being a beginning of the era of the man at the same time - changed into the age of sadness. Then I was just born... And when he will come of lines of the mankind - I will walk away and I. I am afraid only I could overtake the own death. I am calling Radamazis one another and there was still no me in the world, when these doomsdays started. I lived in the faraway land, far from the Artemizis Valley. People left Orga settlements at first and occupied areas on the Continent of Benefits which the queen- ruled Miniseris magus. My ancestors - not much better than barbarians at the comparison to excellent elves - they led their people out of the valley and murdered Miniseris.

    They didn't know elves - immortal. They persecuted them even in extremis... When Miniseris ran short of the balance, for which she was a guard, hordes of rogues joined forces to collect the crop of the human freedom. Defion and Julietta opposed us, the son and the Miniseris daughter.

    Defion, at all costs trying to get rid of people, freed the army nondead and of all ointment of rogues. During his coronation he inherited the Sceptre of Fallen Souls which was a property of his mother for the Miniseris queen. With the hellish power included in the light blue stone of the Defion sceptre he freed the vile army of damage which was in hiding in caves of the holy Adinios Top.

    Julietta - the Miniseris daughter driven out led forces of the Light. She was condemned by the mother after the unsuccessful engagement with one of kings elfich of Clans of Darkness. She opposed the will of the mother, ooo... but in these times against the willpower a queen isn't being incited to rebel. For this insult she was banished. She was in hiding very long, until one day an unknown Warrior appeared on the doorstep of the wooden cottage, hidden in the wilderness of the oaken wild forest.

    - Welcome venerable Woman.

    In the first Julietta moment she got scared, but after a moment when more precisely watched met the Warrior of the most faithful, personal Miniseris guard in the person. He was it is Kalion brawny man about the huge musculature.

    - Kalion? It... you scout?

    In the fervour of happiness she was hung on his neck.

    - It is I for you.

    - What is getting you into such distant sides?

    - For you. I am bringing you the gift which you should accept.

    - What it so?

    - I ask Stormius here. Blest Sword of the Light. He is yours. Wizard- the Dudulis blacksmith reshoed it anew for you. Enchanted in it the power of the Goddess of the Light, the power of the gale and storms let give your person powers. Take us to the victory.

    Kalion sent out word to all settlements in which Warriors lived. Before the proud countenance of the frail woman, but proud with ghost all faithful Warriors appeared. With such a Julietta way created huge army of forces of the Light. Along with her army of Warriors she opposed the wave of darkness and won.

    to be continued...

  • Battles between the brother and sister were only a prelude of the wave of damage which took place later. I was born the entire centuries after these events, but people surrounding me told still about a scheme devised by Defiona and the nondead Miniseris queen. Rumours about beings resembling gods which lived appeared in Trójwierzy built of ivory and ruled powers of elements. The faith in their supernatural abilities and the worship, with which they were surrounded, attracted many people with vague promises of conquests and the prosperity. And then stones started falling off the sky, whereas the earth opened and claimed my people. The Julietta queen tried to keep her balance, however Warriors were defenceless towards the new magic which was able to hurl people like dummies. I was one from few which managed to survive. We escaped from the settlement to the settlement, but in every we came across only smoking piles of stones. In order to survive, many searched for my companions of sheltering in the shadow Trójwieży. The ones which refused, became a game of hunting elements.

    We accessed the certain soirée to the deck of our air ship. I looked at the sea, searching with eyesight of the island which accepted human settlers at one time... but she didn't already feel. Suddenly lightnings cut the sky across. Clouds started whirling, freeing the group of red dragons which destroyed my ship. I was behind the side... It is then Serafion, the angel sent by very Goddess to the Light extended a hand to me. Then it began and at the same time finished my life - everything at that very moment...

    to be continued...

  • When I goggled terror pierced me straight through. I didn't know where I was, but the Serafiona touch calmed my nerves.

    Behind our back he stretched huge błękitno-szary portal, by which we entered the completely different land together.

    He was it other completely dimension, to which Angels and few persons being chosen ones for very Goddess had an admission.

    Before us a group of people going in our direction appeared.

    - Welcome to our humble abode. It is an Eos land house of wizards of the Light. Our Carrat lock is a smithy of chosen ones for the Goddess.

    They are undergoing their trainings here and are gaining the first cuts connected with the magic. You have a power which can rescue a lot of beings in yourself.

    You are Radamazis our chosen one, chosen one of very Goddess and you can rescue the entire mankind before the filth of Shadows.

    Completely I was surprised with it for everyone, entire with this situation. I wasn't able to strike from oneself or the word, but with the last breath, with the certain dose I asked shynesses.

    - Where from you know my name?... Who are you?

    - I am Eomides wizard from the Eos land, the first chosen one of the Goddess of the Light. Your arrival was predicted in old prophecies and passed on from the generation to the generation. Every Angel and the Wizard living in our land know this prophecy. Our brother and the envoy got Serafion of you to us and eternally everyone we are grateful but what did. I am inviting at least with us, I can see in your eyes and by the posture, that very this journey exhausted you.

    We moved the entire group ahead of ourselves leaving the portal behind oneself. Before me such a beauty of landscapes was shown on about wound me in breasts.

    We went on grass like the satin, trees, bushes, flowers outdistanced each other in themselves with huge range of colours and shapes. Of seeing something such beautiful could of many feelings envy towards my person, but for here living persons it was normal. To my surprise beside, where we passed different animals grazed on fields.

    They were afraid of nobody, just the opposite came into the vicinity looking at us in such a way, as if thanked for the goodness how met them.

    After the end of some time we reached waters of the huge lake. Entire was enveloped with fog so thick that nothing was apparently what is farther.

    Eomides extended a hand up, looked at the blue sky without not a single one cloud and whispered something. After his words fogs subsided, and before us a huge lock appeared.

    - It is our lock jewel of the Eos land - Carrarat. Here you will settle and you will be training.

    Carrarat is an exceptional lock. His beauty is exceeding all buildings so far I had which to see the chance. In distant times the first wizards built him.

    Joining the stone to the stone they uttered magic spells which up to the today are acting and are timeless. They created the beautiful, huge building with five towers towering on the peak. Touching stones a weather of magic included in them is felt and thanks to this magic the lock is non-degradable. I was led to the full chamber innumerable

    quantities of books. In the corner this room was found large bed.

    - It is a chamber intended for you. You can here rest and study magic books which are being gathered together from very beginning of the existence of this castle. You will find answers to questions bothering your senses into many of them. And now rest, because you need it.

    - I thank for everything, for the goodness you showed which my person.

    Eomides turned to me and gladly on the face left my chamber

    It passed a lot of days, can of months even it isn't known exactly how long. The time here is passing with one's path, but Radamazis trained urgently. With the help of teachers he acquired knowledge included in innumerable books. He learnt how to defend oneself against elements and possessed all secrets

    serving the knowledge to the fight against them. Of certain morning Eomides turned up at his chamber and said

    - Are you ready to go?

    - This way I am. I waited for this moment when to me you come.

    - The training came to an end. Before you the way forward and I have a modest gift for you.

    Entering the Eomides chamber leaned on the huge cane finished on the head with the huge jewel, from which the glow blue and white gleamed. Angels made it from the Adamantis forge which was in a valley of Eoris mountains. He was it is an exceptional object, and power included in it and power for very Goddess of the Light were perceptible for everyone who was in his vicinity.

    - It is a Gromides Cane. He is yours. You deserved it with hard work. With his help and with power included in it you can oppose lice of the Shadow.

    Eomides looked up very softly talking to himself. In the blink of an eye I was in front of the portal of the entry to the Eos land. The ace by me was Eomides. Frankly and firmly he hugged me and looked me in the eyes. I understood, this goodbye was. Tear spun for me in the eye...

    - Say goodbye to Radamazis Wizard. Let the Light take you to the victory.

    I moved the slow footstep in the direction of the portal. After a moment I was already on the other side. I looked for oneself and gladly on the face, full of esoterica and the power included in oneself I moved ahead of myself., what I was facing farther?,, - this thought was engraved in his memory... Of it nobody knew, but one was sure Radamazis was prepared to the fight against forces of the Shadow...

    to be continued...

  • I welcome everyone

    Does the Eos community like my production? If you like to read and you have a moment look at these a few words which here I wrote. I ask criticisms for a few words, if it doesn't inconvenience you. After many spent hours in the game he will sometimes be useful to do something else. I for many years am already writing and I want to portray at least a bit of my artistic work to the daylight. Here and now a part of one of my stories is included. Frankly... Do you like him?...

    With kind regards


  • The wizard could not find the consecutive day of the walk and not a single one place, where just enough with due respect it was possible to rest. In about only a lot of trees and bushes, but no homestead. In the end forest fell behind, and Radamazis came out to the vast forest clearing with the hill all over the centre. On that hill a solitary, old tree grew. It had boughs this way wide-stretching came to very earth. With calm and exhausted footstep the magus came for small raising. Amongst boughs he saw the access to the underground cave. This way it was shielded with branches from close up it was only possible to notice them. In the blink of an eye, unexpectedly an unknown figure appeared on the threshold of that cave.

    - Kim are you? What here are you searching for? It is my house and I won't give it back without the fight.

    - Don't be afraid stranger. I am Radamazis.

    - Radamazis?... P... you forgive me. I didn't suppose in my life such happiness would meet me. You you are a predicted Saviour of us of people. I welcome you to my humble abode. Please to the centre you are certainly weary with road and probably hungry. I am preparing the modest meal. I am inviting attach to me.

    - I thank for your goodness I will take advantage of inviting and if not you will have nothing against I would stay the night at you.

    - Certainly this way I am inviting places it is quite for us.

    From the word to the Radamazis word he learnt of everything about that man. He was it is a Rim druid, this way introduced himself. He inhabited these surroundings for ages. He took care of treating people and preparing medicines of different kind which he drew PS. After the modest, filling meal prepared by Rima, Radamazis received the place into accommodation and very much quickly fell asleep.

    With early morning of the following day outcries roused Rima and Radamazisa. From the nearby settlement of people, distant about half a day roads to the South a man came running. They ran out both ahead of the exit of the cave and saw the entire man bathed in blood. He ran up to Rima, watching terrors with the dose on Radamazisa.

    - Help my daughter you. The wild beast from world of Shadows attacked our fields, we defended belongings, and was awfully cruel. She wounded the daughter for me and now is dying in nearby forests in which we took shelter.

    - Let us go as soon as possible I will take just a few mixtures and ointments and we can move.

    - I am going with you - said Radamazis.

    - You whom are you? Are you able to cure the daughter for me?

    - I am Radamazis.

    - You... It is you... they predicted your arrival, but I didn't believe in it. Saviour rescue us...

    They moved as soon as possible ahead of themselves. They went in a hurry and the road wasn't too long. They reached the wood in which the family of the settler took shelter. On the earth amongst the assembled company in a hurry a short girl suited the thing. She was entire get blood on from the wound inflicted by the wild beast. She longed for the morning kind of set with huge claw and reached the girl each up to the centre of the breast. Rim ran up quickly to the injured and started dressing it. Seeing this Radamazis slowly came up to them. He grabbed by the Rima shoulder, looked him in the eyes and the one gave up his seat to him. Everyone seeing it slid open, smelling the legal validity beating from his person in themselves. Radamazis gripped it cane very firmly and suddenly started beating glitter from it. He tilted to the girl putting the second hand on her breasts and szemrając in the unknown for those present tongue glitter of the light appeared under his hand. It lasted only a moment and suddenly the girl opened her eyes, brilliance of the light terminated and after her wound wasn't not a sign, only torn clothes stayed. Everyone in about they were left speechless, could not strike from oneself or the word. After the longer moment he ran the settling tank

    to Radamazisa and bowed before his face

    - Thanks for you... Saviour thanks...

    He started crying and saying

    - You what will we conceive now? The wild beast devastated our belongings and the house.

    - Where is this filth?

    - He is on our fields.

    Radamazis looked at people and moved ahead of himself. After some time he left the thick forest grove to farmland. On it a cereal crop grew, but half was already trampled and burnt by the wild beast. She was it is such a louse terribly huge that he won't let describe himself. She resembled the chandelier, but what was strange a women's torso replaced his head. She was practically with no clothes on and she looked like the harlot, and eyes were on fire for her with fire. Wild beast having seen Radamazisa started running in his direction. Eyes for her lighted and tongues as lava launched heats towards the wizard. The magus stood up proudly, lifted the cane up pointing to the wild beast. Suddenly glitter of the light bluely- muffled the white flames and waded farther to very wild beast. Reaching the body for her caused the intense explosion. The wild beast broke down into hundreds of pieces and it was for her of lines.

    Settlers seeing entire from the nearby grove, after everything ran this incident to the wizard thanking him for the rescue. They offered staying in their settlement to the magus. Radamazis looked at them everyone, declined an invitation and moved ahead of himself. Before him a road was distant and questions started bothering him. Where from are these filths working?... where from are they getting down?... he must oppose the evil of the Shadow, the Wizard of the Light is Radamazis will they stuff mankindes, but whether will cope with it?...

    to be continued...

  • Slowly a dusk fell and the tiredness started plaguing the wizard. He reached high parts of mountains covered with very short needle files. For a few days he not slept a wink searching for some refuge for the rest. The winding and convoluted path led Radmazisa for the peak of the hill. From that top one could see the entire neighbourhood practically, and the landscape was beautiful. On north beside you are pissing the wizard noticed ruins of some castle. He decided to manage in his direction and to look for the space for the rest. After some time he reached for the other peak, and the view he saw which wound him in breasts. Wrecks very much resembled with one's appearance of the insult which could see in the Carrarat lock. In many books which he read pictures of locks against the sky resembled the one, before which he stood in this moment. Going up closer got to know remains of emblems which were on an entrance doorway to wrecks. Yes - certainly this place was associated with forces of the Light. Emblem of the head of the eagle with crossed swords below it is a sign from distant times, sign of Warriors from the army of the Julietty queen. He didn't expect that he would have an opportunity of seeing the place in front of his very eyes, where Warriors lived. Searching the wreck found the chamber with the roof above the head. From a few old beams he placed the large bed for himself on the earth, covered himself with the coat and fell asleep.

    At dawn, when it already dawned of dawn it came into the room, set in it to rain rain and turned into the storm. Thunderbolts were so huge, that as far as seasoned for shivers. Radamazis came for the departure from the chamber. The majority of ruins was visible from this place. Suddenly the intense lightning hurled its power straight into the wall opposite, causing the breach on her stone surface. He looked in the direction of the sky and wonders never cease! clouds began to walk off a stiffness.Very much this phenomenon was puzzling, the rain stopped giving and the sun appeared in the sky. After this incident slowly he came up to the breach in stones and saw some entry to the hidden chamber. The chamber was full of books and different notes on parchment cards. He sat down all over the centre on the stone and began to read the first book with which he found himself beside. There were a there written history of Warriors, battles held by them and notes from the life. However it riveted his attention, that directly opposite a box had been on a leading place of the chamber. She was closed to three locks and the huge padlock in the middle. Something precious had to be there, since somebody gave himself so much effort for concealing the contents for her. Radamazis came up to the box and suddenly his cane began to gleam.

    The ray resulting from the firebrand of the weapon of the wizard began to wrap the box and in the instant of the moment all locks of the box were switched on, and the log came off. He kneeled down from terror. He was it is a sign from very Goddess of the Light, that uncovering the chamber and opening the box are meant for his eyes. He raised the lid of the box and surprised himself with his content. At the bottom of this large container he was one some letter and the saved parchment card. Radamazis sat down comfortably and began the reading.

    The card of parchment contained:.

    ,, This letter is top secret. One isn't allowed to read it. His matter is very soft and he can get only in the hand of somebody disciplined and powerful, with the distinct permission of her Height the Julietty Queen a scolding granted in writing. This letter was found in Kamina Sibiusa hands, of fallen paladin which supposedly is his author. They discovered that Kamin without a doubt had gone out of it mind. He was delirious about monsters, frightening innocent virgins with it and reducing small children to tears. From of the one these are causes he was driven out of the Empire for the Julietty Queen, and his letter was confiscated as heresy. Even though Sibius is speaking very highly in it of the empire and the queen, however, similarly to subversive literature, is showing branches of Warriors as weak in the countenance of wizards and Demons.

    The letter safely was hidden in the objective of protection of innocent virgins and the humble from the eye of the whole,,

    Seal of the Archive of the Knowledge forbidden the Julietty Queen, document No. 25845132.

    Radamazis read parchment out and got down to reading the letter.

    to be continued...

  • ,, I, Kamin Sibius commander from the Brotherhood of the Fist of the Thunderbolt, I am writing nieniejszym this letter to our outstanding Imperatorki Julietty, for which the favour and the righteousness armed our nation against waves of the death flooding our world; the same which will get us out of darkness which is embracing our people. Only she is able to free world from the evil all. I am writing in relation to my mission, which was a purpose for to discover facts about beings called Demons of the Shadow and the mysterious black portal which led me into astonishing world.

    Authorised through Juliettę I pronounced the activation spell, and the scorching sun was consumed by the cold purple vacuum. I knew at once that this little magic act was a great sin. I understand the Julietty conventional wisdom which decided that the magic must be forbidden in our world now. Elves and water nymphs, witches and maguses which are having fun with this filth, they must be wiped out, because world in which my company was is an effect of this unnatural action, and a Kingdom of Shadows is it.

    I am writing, until I can still, before I yield to the frenzy of this world. It is burning viscuses for me - shadows are clinging to me like a leech as tar. The horrifying darkness of this place causes that my branches fell ill with strange illness. all around, in the shaded vacuum, are labelling us oneself of course, blue eyes, pale as stars. In air streams of light blue sparks are swarming. These miniature, azure grains are chasing us as annoying mosquitoes and are getting leather in. The Earth is cracked and strange. Crystal, similar to amethyst, are sticking out of it as ruins of the demolished stronghold. It's no use here to search for such a flora we know which. Strange feathery leaves, creepers and fleshy parzydła they are slithering and are swallowing afloat slices of blue down in the muddy vacuum. It won't be possible here to determine the time, since there is here no sun. We went the entire days how, it seemed to us.

    The echo is repeating voices, and quietest sound is resounding as the church bell. I smell the fragrance of blood, and if fear had a fragrance, I would say I also smell it. I cannot sleep in this atrocious place. Apparitions are haunting my dreams. There are souls of the deceaseds here. Really it is a former magic started to hate? I am not blaming Julietty for this plague. I am shady. I am admitting to this weakness and I hope to goodness that she forgives me. My reconnaissance branches at first came across the centre of the demonic litter and their children - slimy venomous worms - which we are calling larvae. We shortened shoulders for them dangling and we broke their bodies with swords, with axes, any with weapon we had which to hand. Electric blue remains of their shells no longer are glowing with the energy which they stole from living beings. They fought as one man, crunching, stubbornly and strenuously tracking the victim down. One of them ran, leaving the streak of the remarkable, blue lighting in the inky sky, and for her wings fluttered as dry parchment in the wind.

    to be continued...

  • The litter protected Demoni thicket tangled up of caves and corridors - nest a kind of. Tearing by them, we found remains of the human hiding place. I am afraid that we aren't first which took this mission up. Thinking from remains we found which, a terrible fate met previous residents. Demons took control of the village, robbed her and completely changed.

    My people enthusiastically rebuilt her. We freed this place from the brand of demons. We congratulated ourselves, unfortunate. We managed to defeat the Kingdom of Shadows! We will stay. We will rescue these people brought to ruin! Now I can see our sin, the frenzy and the pride. He passed the week. Scouts which I sent for the Gate of the Shadow, still didn't come back. I attached that day to the patrol. I decided that we would clean the road to the Doorway and we will organize solid supplies. To our worrying the Gate of the Shadow an army watched the large demonic vermin over. In the crowd we saw three large being-s - bigger than the galley. Fat beetles resembled to the size barns, their abdomens were long, black and glowed with this terrible, light blue energy of Demons of Shadows. They rolled and inflated, bending as the swollen bladder under the pair of cruel pliers. These creatures seemed so ponderous that we decided to attack them. But before we filled convenient positions, the group of people attired in burnouses appeared at the Gate Of shadow. On their head a woman of dark complexion stood. She was attired as the harlot, namely didn't deck hardly nothing on herself, however trod imperiously. at once I knew that he was a witch. She led a long row of dim-witted people into iron chains. Bulb-like demonic beetles trembled and as the avalanche fell on slaves. They swallowed horrified people down with the speed which froze my people, sitting in saddles. During this feast stomachs of demons rumbled and bubbled, kind of mechanically. Larvae sluggish, saturated with venom slipped out of the filth which was poured out of their viscuses, - so as the ones which we felled from the nest. The witch laughed and ordered the many-branched being which with her arrived to gather glowing remains, used by maguses. Then something came near to her. This creature moved noiselessly, rising in silence above the earth. His worthless, spindle-like limbs hung as lichens, swinging lightly to sides. This black shape large, hung in air reminded me the tick celebrated with a drink with blood. I froze to the spot. My people froze in expectation. The witch nodded her head and started to speak to this creature, as if said something judicious. She said many enemies had and it will be more,, fares,,, if will get the bigger payment. Then she disappeared behind the Gate of the Shadow. Black, afloat head up in the air, he turned, as if heard my thoughts and moved the thin tube from among the pair of oblique, opalescing, blue eyes. The entire army of black beetles came out in us and a sea of baby blues flooded us. We were distracted. This many of them were, that it wasn't possible of them was to sum up. I ran away with remains of my people to the village, and then something else moved on us. It went straightened, horned, following the example of the giant, from shoulders for him talons, as wings woven grew out of the shadow. It forced its way through walls. My people didn't have chances. everyone who stopped for him on the road, was crushed in his massive claws. This lord of demons ploughed up with fingernails of my good persons. We could only escape. We are escaping to the Doorway of the Shadow. Stragglers fell behind. Nothing is able to stop this monster, but I must come back - in order to warn Juliettę before the betrayal which is awaiting us everyone. I won't disappoint, because I am law-abiding. I will win.

    Kamin Sibius from the Brotherhood of the Fist of the Thunderbolt,,

    After reading the lyrics included in the Radamazis list he began to think. Where is that black portal of the entry to the Kingdom of the Shadow? How do words activating the Gate of the Shadow read as follows? Witch it is necessary to find her she is kluczem.Czarodziej for a lot of days and of the night studied books found by him. Which did get the knowledge in them? Extensive certainly, but whether being enough in order to win the war with Darkness?... Soon?... Perhaps for some time we will learn...

    to be continued...

  • Search of an answer wasn't simple in the realization. The wizard travelled across a lot of settlements, cities and lands, in order to something to learn more. The way led Radamazisa all the way to Twin Seas. In one of ports he chartered a boat along with crew, because learnt from travelling merchants, that on these seas close to the border of Great Ocean there is a group of islands inhabited by the Amazons. He learnt also from merchants that on their areas strange creatures had appeared, lice out of this world and of dimension. He decided immediately to set off to them.

    The crossing over seas wasn't so straight. The ship along with the wizard came across the very bad weather. The rain didn't stop being falling down for a few days, and a strong wind blew every warmer angle shipboard. Waves cut blatantly into every angle aboard and water slowly got to the centre of the ship. She wasn't it is a too interesting prospect, the ship slowly made water.

    The following morning, when morning fogs subsided before travellers nice covered islands appeared with the coastal flora and forests. They reached the shore and breathed a sigh of relief, because the ship slowly started drowning. They managed however to prevent it dragging the ship out to the dock on the nearby beach.

    The port which they joined was inhabited largely by merchants, but in port streets apart from residents it was possible to come across also an army. Wonders never cease! there was amongst rows of servicemen no not a single one man, and very women contributed towards them. The beautiful, muscular Amazons stood out from the crowd, because were very brawny. They were attired modestly in skins embellished with brass supplements, only the armour on breasts seemed solid. They had tied hair, and the armour, shoulder straps and greaves gleamed in the seaside sun. Long spears and shields were their basic weapon, and the part from them carried solid bows.

    Exercises in the jungle covering native islands of the Amazons cut their marksmanship to the unparalleled level. In terms of the proficiency of using the bow, Enimas Sisters inhabiting noon waters of the Great Ocean are their only rivals. But in contrast with their companions of the weapon the Amazons fluently are using also spears and are defending for throwing. Their powers constitute connecting the Primitive magic with the Holy magic and is defending with the inventive structure. Every of them is of certain kind with the magus and the warrior, and what's more the merger causes that they are exceptional and unique.

    - I welcome beautiful and dignified Woman-warriors. Where will I find your leader?

    - We welcome you. Kim are you, that you want to see our Queen and what case drove you to our areas?

    - I will reveal the reason of my visit to the Queen.

    The Amazons in principle were suspicious and prevented of strangers ahead of the countenance of the Queen. stood up with row before the wizard and aimed their weapon at him.

    - Answer whom you are strange with!

    - I am Radamazis.

    In this moment woman-warriors remained in the consternation. One on second they began to look and for the longer moment not a single one of them wasn't able to pronounce neither words. In the end one of them started to speak.

    - You are you Radamazis? Hey hey hey... - and began all to laugh

    Seeing this Radamazis he became worried and irritated. He raised his cane slightly and squinted eyes. At that very moment the cane portrayed him one's glitter, he tapped with it gently against soil, and the area to hundreds of yards beside trembled. Seeing and there being a smell of it the Amazons got scared, and PS were very brave.

    to be continued...

  • - Lead me to the Queen.

    - You forgive our suspicion. Many here traitors and cruel men being out to kill the Queen are arriving. So probably you are Radamazis your arrival was predicted by our Authority now we can see it all. I ask although with us a long way is awaiting us to the palace for the Queen.

    We moved immediately. Escorted by the small branch of the Amazons slowly we forced our way through the jungle. People of the Amazons form rather an isolated culture. Adapting to the tropical environment surrounding them built in vaults

    of forests wonderful cities. We headed for one of them together - to the capital of the land of the Asis city. These cities are an architectural phenomenon and a source of great pride for people of the Amazons. They aren't guided by sciences of our soil, instead of them are practising the polytheistic religion which is connected with close discipline of the Order. Oracles of the Amazons a long time ago predicted a wizard arriving and the flooding plague of the filth from areas of the Shadow and since then woman-warriors are preparing to the fight against forces of the Shadow.

    The Amazons traversed seas, trade relations with our kingdoms were ones of the first people which established. The prominence in the environment of the worldwide commerce provided the opinion of brilliant strategists and fit woman-warriors for also the Amazons. The Amazons are highly sought, well trained and very loyal mercenaries - so long, as the contract doesn't cause conflicts with their restrictive ethical code.

    An evening ran up, how we reached the capital city of the Amazons. Of something such wonderful and astonishingly beautiful few persons could see. The entire city, lock, homesteads were situated among the branches of the trees. On the huge old oak, amongst his crowns a castle of the Eomili Amazonian queen was built. After a moment we were before the Queen. After short summarizing by the commander the branch the Queen welcomed me warmly and ordered straight out me to go to the Authority. It was already late very much, so a small feast was held by way of greeting of my person in the lock, but of the following day in the morning we set off with the branch for the Authority.

    The Authority had its registered office at the foot of the only mountain being on an island. For her the homestead was in a bough of the wide-stretching beech. The wizard entered the homestead alone. The authority greeted him, knew whom he was and what matter is coming to her in.

    - Venerable Authority. Kim is this witch about which I read in the Kamina Sibiusa list.

    - It is exceptionally a bad witch. He is calling Ort one another - Reginalis, but we popularly are naming her Regina. For some time on our areas creatures started appearing not from this dimension, and along with them witch Regina. Always when he appears, we learn about going missing of persons and entire of their families. These persons are a terrible death facing in viscuses of creatures of the Shadow, and after the transformation which is taking place in their bellies venomous larvae which are soldiers of the Shadow are hatching. Every living being devoured by these creatures is weakening us and is strengthening the forces of darkness. We must oppose it wizard. You are a chosen one for the Goddess of the Light and you can only stand up opposite the witch and this filth and with him win.

    Claimed souls are strength of the witch innocent and for them more of them he is, a witch is all the more powerful. There is a way to kill of the one... forgive but I'm at a loss for words already to this nature of the Darkness. Claimed kind-hearted souls must experience the peace and one should separate them from Regina's body. You have a light output in yourself wizard and with the help of spells, you will kill the weapon you have which her. Regina is an envoy of deities of the Shadow to our world and one should kill her in order to stop the expansion of the evil. Regina along with her army of vile monsters is living a long way from here at the other end of Great Ocean on the volcanic Isar island. There you will find her and probably

    Black linking Portal both our dimensions. Probably do you want to ask whether I know crucial words opening the Gate of Shadows?

    - This way I would like it to know.

    - Unfortunately not. My power is too weak, and in my visions up till now I didn't hear these words. You must get these words out of her. I know one above all else, you will defeat Radamazis evil from our world and we will help you to make the Amazon of these acts. Moreover you will unite all armies of our world under your banner and you will overcome the badness Trójwierzy and of her Masters. With masters Trójwierzy there are three sisters of the Shadow - Ridis, Ajartis and most dangerous from them Ramonis. All of them are hellish beings, as we people don't have a body, these are Spirits of Darkness from very Abyss of Hells. Only a magic of the Light can oppose them.

    to be continued...

  • With these words the Authority fortified the heart of the wizard and explained a lot from nurtujacych of questions of the Radamazisa thought. At the end of the audience with the Authority something astonishing happened. The authority stood up on against of wizard, caught him with bear hug by hands, she closed her eyes and Radamazis felt something unusual. The weather of the pulsating Light of the Authority was absorbed into the body of wizard. She opened her eyes, looked at his face and said.

    . - It is my magical power, let give you powers in the fight against forces of the Shadow. Walk away in the room wizard.

    She let go of Radamazisa hands and sat down, because weakened. Wizard after entire this incident felt such a rising tide of the power in himself like never before. His firebrand of the weapon during this ritual changed the colour and became very light blue. The stone planted on the cane hit with intense brilliance.

    Within the nearest weeks preparations for the expedition were conceived against Regina. From nearby islands crowds of warriors of the Amazons approached in order to join the army against the filth of the Shadow. In the nearby port they anchored galleys of the Amazons, and with each passing day was of them more and more. After arriving at the Isar island he horrified the great Ocean and what they will find it cheered on each of warriors, but what fortified their hearts, to the fight, gave the courage - it is a presence among them of chosen one of the Light - Radamazisa...

    to be continued...

  • Laborious preparations for getting even with the filth of the Shadow came to an end. The entire army of the Amazons armed up to teeth along with Radamazisem boarded galleys and set off in the direction of the Isar island. The journey lasted almost two weeks, but at sea not a single one ship of the enemy wasn't come across. It was very puzzling, because the filth of Shadows every now and then has appeared on waters and sought lonely, defenceless people.

    A day broke, when we made our way to Isar edges. The army efficiently quartered on the rocky beach itself and built the vast camp. A bridgehead on hostile land was established without loss of not a single one man.

    The Isar island was a dark place cruelly. In about there was practically no flora, only rare thorny bushes. The Earth on an island was black and rocky. With one's appearance she resembled in many places, as if in the vicinity somewhere a volcano erupted. Near the broken campsite hardened streams of lava which reached the sea were found.

    A branch of the Amazons sent to Radamazis islands for reconnaissance deep into. Branch for two days roads didn't come across for not a single one creating the Darkness, but with morning third an advance guard of the army of the Shadow was found.

    The branch of the Amazons attacked entire it is plugastwo.Na head of this branch one Demon stood. He was it is a demon of the earth, which with appearance reminded that he was inhabiting caves of Hells.

    The hard broken piece covered with spikes very well protected him from blows. Neither spearheads, shot could not hurt this monster. When he moved and attacked the unit of the Amazons it was apparently what power is lying dormant in him. He had a power of twenty men, was three times higher than every woman-warrior, and fighting hand-to-hand tore enemies with gigantic talons. This wild beast to attack already

    she began from a distance with tentacles which in a flash dug through below the surface of earth. For the help to this monster a crowd of rotting away demons moved. The stench of their decaying bodies was so disgusting that everyone who was in his vicinity got nausea. They looking at it attacked their victims with paws armed into sharp talons with dripping gunk from their blades.

    Bodies poisoned enemies with poison, and then the putrefying body from venom devoured. These decaying creatures after fought it was apparently, that Darkness was arousing fear even in black hearts of soldiers.

    The battle was settled demons won, but the one Amazon managed to escape with its life. The injured into the shoulder and on the right side with some miracle dawned on late in the evening almost after the week since when they had set off. After reaching the camp the Amazon was dressed. Fever tousled two next nights woman-warrior.

    In the morning he arrived the third day to the tent of the Radamazis Amazon. This way she was finished from inflicted wounds, but first of all from urgent fever, that close death. He came up to her calmly, rested his hands on her breasts, closed his eyes and whispered some formula of the spell known for nobody in the vicinity. The cane of the wizard showed its light blue glitter, until blinded being beside woman-warriors for a moment. When the gleaming glow ceased the Amazons saw the miracle. The woman-warrior opened her eyes and there were after her wounds no track and not a single one scar.

    Radamazis looked at Grupa Amazonka i said.

    - Leave behind us alone. He wants to talk moment.

    Without the word the group of woman-warriors left the tent and left outside.

    - What there happened? Are you having enough strength to tell me it?

    She looked off the large bed to the wizard and with tears in her eyes told about the entire incident, about the battle, monsters, as well as about something still.

    - You, near this place where the battle took place, I could see the huge crater of the volcano. From the inside of this crater it beat the stop light awfully and above it grey-black clouds stretched. With some miracle I was on an edge of this volcano. Inside of him it is huge, was entire covered with the filth of the Shadow about the innumerable amount, and all over the centre of this vast square a small dark castle is standing. For some time I observed this place. At some point a figure of the woman appeared on the doorstep of this castle, and when I saw her shiver pierced me and embraced fear. I don't know who it he was, but I suppose,

    she was it is a witch Regina. Certainly it was she, because to her view all being demons in the crater cheered up seeing the face for her.

    to be continued...

  • - Calmly... now lie and rest.

    Radamazis finished the conversation and left the tent. Through long puzzled moments oneself in solitude. He entered for raising the campsite all over the centre and convened the entire army around.

    - We reached here not sparing the power and powers. A day of Regina's court and her filth will approach. The Earth is standing on the threshold of the war - of war which will decide the future of kingdoms being on her surface. Heroes can only dismiss the threat for her and restore order on our land - be to press her into assumptions of the chaos... But this way he won't happen, we are here up to it in order to to win. The honour, the courage and the strength of the Light let will be with us!... Tomorrow at dawn we are setting off...

    These words fortified hearts of warriors, in them kind of an additional force and a courage stopped by. Riotously the Amazons cheered after the speech of the wizard, yelling him name so loud, around there was a smell of vibrations under feet on the earth.

    The dawn broke quite quickly and the army prepared to the road and the war with the filth of the Shadow and Regina... Will they cope with this mission?... the Nearest days will prove it...

    to be continued...

  • A day for which the majority waited broke. The powerful army of the Amazons along with Radamazisem set off deep into Isar islands in order once and for all to get even with lice of the Shadow. This way the substantial amount of warriors of the Amazons since time immemorial didn't interface into the unity. They moved very efficiently in spite of such a gigantic number, but first of all they were trying for it not to leave a trail behind oneself. The element of surprise of the enemy and suppressing it was most important with entire power.

    The entire army developed its wings surrounding the entire crater. After the command of the wizard a fight, for which not yet it was started. All being filth in the crater of the volcano completely was surprised with attack by woman-warriors on their registered office. In spite of the Amazons prevailing of powers, wild beasts of the Shadow fought heatedly. Woman-warriors suppressed the entire filth in about in the middle of the castle fields of the crater, and rather than that what after them stayed. A witch appeared on the doorstep of the castle Regina. Keeping her weapon in the hand, she raised the Cane of the Infernal Death and from at full speed hit with it against base. In addition intense power freed onself. The glow of the power of the Shadow in the blink of an eye spread in about, putting with one's energy almost a hundred of woman-warriors. Suddenly he appeared at the head of row Radamazis wizard. He directed his cane in the direction of Regina.

    - Die witch dirty along with one's filth!

    After his shout the gleaming glow of the firebrand of the cane of the wizard blinded everyone. The host of the Light was so huge that she leveled the entire castle of the witch along with the filth surrounding her. Very Regina attacked Lights from the power after this blow and started escaping after ruins of the castle in the direction of the Gate of the Shadow.

    Yes... The gate of the Shadow was hidden in the main chamber of the dark castle. With hasty step the wizard approached Regina in order to prevent the escape for her. He caught her with all his might with right hand by the throat and pinned to ruins right in front of the portal. Once again, this time the Light of his firebrand of the cane was struck by a radius into the body of this dirty nature of the Darkness.

    - Regina I am sentencing you to the eternal damnation for all heinous acts you made which.

    - I am spitting Radamazisie to you still you won't win this war, and you won't certainly go through the portal of the Gate of the Shadow to our land.

    In that moment something astonishing happened. Hastily looking at one's weapon pronounced the keel of words whispering and with remains of one's powers broke the blade of her magic walking stick against the rubble heap. The black glow of Darkness spread the portal through, and Regina made her life. From Regina's body innumerable numbers of souls gathered in this being flew away. The part from them permeated their lands, but the part through the portal inwards experiencing the peace in the end fled in the direction of the heaven.

    The battle was won. Regina was defeated.

    In the vicinity of the portal an altar of the Shadow was found. By his ruins the wizard found the Black Book hidden in the box beside. He began to read it. There were there written rites of the magic of the Shadow and words activating the portal for experiencing the land of the dead deep into. But this partial victory was.

    Radamazis defeated the witch destroying the army along with her for her, learnt keywords activating the portal but the portal stayed enchanted with strength of Regina's broken walking stick. This power was unknown for Radamazisa, but there was a way of banning this curse and the magic spells included in the walking stick Reginas.

    During his Radamazis trainings he remembered that he had read about the tribe of Druids. There were shaman-blacksmiths which were able to rebuild weapons of this type among them. He decided to collect remains of magic Regina's walking stick and to set off for seeking the tribe of Druids.

    With the small branch of the Amazons he got one of galleys on and set off through waters for seeking that tribe of Druids. While a journey lasted the wizard through seas of the Amazon on ruins in the crater built the huge fort. They created the forefront

    defences on an island Isar against the filth of the Shadow. The battle on the earth was won, but the war took place farther.

    Souls which managed to escape reached the land of the Shadow to Trójwierzy and their envoys informed Sisters of the Shadow about the defeat to our world. Ramonis fell into such anger, that even the closest monsters given back of the Shadow hadn't approached her. She swore vengeance on the wizard and everyone of persons which are helping him. The land of the Shadow cheered up, preparations for the war which wasn't so far were commenced.

    to be continued...

  • Radamazis along with woman-warriors of the Amazons after three weeks of the travel reached the native, main continent on the earth. They anchored together in a small commercial port on the continent. From merchants they learnt that he was in distant depths land full of forests in which Druids live. A wizard learnt from stories of local merchants majority of information about this tribe.

    The tribe of Druids came from ancient groups of Barbarians. After the schism in the royal family of two brothers, Fila-Garena and Bar-Kanthosa drove a wedge between views of noticing world. Fila-Garen he claimed that people must achieve the spiritual unity with the earth which they promised to defend. He thought that then fully they would only grasp meaning of their misji.Bar-Kanthos he thought that tribes then would only be able to perform the holy mission, if a shared power and a severe training connect them in martial arts. Both agreed under one account. Their areas were also attacked by forces of the Shadow and one should dabate with them from all powers.

    Fila-Garen he gathered together a small group of warrior-s of poets and shamans, and then set off deep into of continent and settled along with them in vast forests. In the deep wilderness of thick forests he established the Brotherhood of Druids, and the land was called Sasgilan. There large, stone towers, covered with grapevines and concealed beneath the vault of thick forests were built. There Druids settled permanently. They created the new culture and the tongue completely, dissociating themselves from their cousins, of barbarians. They swore they would return when the time of the ultimate battle of the baulk comes with people but creatures of the Shadow.

    Fila-Garen one's people taught thinkings with elements of world, with world plants and animals in the harmony. He prepared druids to approaching conflict, for the defence of world which they promised to defend. This train of thought was not only a system of values, but also means of getting to know, through the learning and exercises. The connection with the nature turned out to be so strong that Druids learnt to talk to animals and plants which secrets of world of the nature handed over to them. They got to know ways of calling animals, summoning intelligent plants from under the earth, the method of the transformation into the animal figure. In the biggest settlement of Druids, grows wonderful oak. This tree is the highly most valued source of knowledge of druids.

    For years under his branches druids improved the rule over the magic of the nature and martial arts won over from barbaric faces. A faith that they will be the last line of defence in approaching conflict motivated them. Druids convinced that the time of the struggle came left their forests, moving opposite for legions of the filth of the Shadow. They were ready to face up to servants for servants of the Shadow.

    Radamazis ordered the Amazons staying in the port settlement, however alone set off deep into of continent in search for Druids.

    Battle won against Regina, war is rolling farther. Found, but enchanted portal of the passage to world of the Shadow with power through destroying Regina's great-looking chick. Now it is necessary to find the Druid - of blacksmith which will rebuild the weapon of the witch, and in Radamazisa hands rebuilt, he will take the curse down from the portal of the Shadow and will let to the passage to the land of the Shadow of armies of people. Where to search for that Druid - of blacksmith?... The light will take the wizard in good direction...

    to be continued...

  • The wizard commenced his walk in search for Druids. On the first days he travelled across seasides and came across traces of natures of the Darkness. On the rocky coast, along which he went Radamazis, he found empty ships and rafts. They were marked with emblem Trójwieży, and above it on decks of these means of transport, found remains after lice of the Shadow, slimy gunk and remains of armours of the demonic origin. The fact that on an island Isar carried the bridgehead of people indicated defeat. Monsters of the Shadow once again have get to the ground and are wreaking havoc on nearby settlements. After the inspection, he sped up and moved farther.

    Of the following day, going deep into listened to the land sounds of the fight. Behind the hill which he went up a plain stretched. On this covered field with little grass, saw the intense battle.

    On the side of the Shadow monsters cheered up and people fought. Very much straight it was possible to distinguish them from remaining armies during the battle. Rot skeletons longed for them from under armours, and hands, shoulders, legs were bones with remains of muscles. When the evil needs soldiers, is cheering nondead monsters up. These are souls in torment of dead soldiers, of which hearts became black still intravital. Along with them in rows it was possible to see Sakurriny. Until recently they thought, that to come across on it isn't only in the vicinity of leadership lodgings of monsters of the Shadow possible. They are these are personal guards a kind of of commanders.

    Sakurriny is the most envious handmaids of it men. Winged, women's form, are carrying huge armours on breasts and reliable nagolennice and shoulder straps - this way most often look. An insatiable blood lust is overflowing them, of particularly a blood of men. In spite of the heavy armour they are moving to the fight against energy and joy rarely met amongst other demons.

    On the other side they found battles oneself Druids sought by the wizard. He recognised them at a distance, because surpassed the rest of warriors in terms of the height, and there was an animal by the side of each of them, huge wolf. Druids on the battlefield weren't alone. On the side of the good women of the woman-warrior, attired in modest, but very hard armours stood. Every of them fought with two swords simultaneously or with the exotic weapon, for which the wizard couldn't see until now. They were these are steel blades and fixed talons on hands.

    The fight between sides was highly fierce. With the huge doggedness they attacked Druids with Sakurriny. In the fight they demonstrated the speed and the agility. Gladly on the face they weakened their enemies from a distance with devil's curses which caused loss of stamina. When victims were already weakened, set off to the hand-to-hand combat, cutting furiously long, with hooked claws on fingers. Weakened druids by them, however got up from the earth just enough quickly. Long-standing trainings and communing with the nature and her magic, now extremely helped. The touch of the earth gave them powers and in many cases Druids changed their human form on animal. After the transformation they were practically not for the apprehension, they became machines of the nature and fought as ten men each of them individually.

    The chosen carrion was enthusiastic from strongest and biggest warriors. Insanely they rushed for attacks on allied armies, but first of all to woman-warriors. These women thanks to magic objects attached to the weapon imitated additional powers. After giving a few double whammies back with talons or swords, in themselves exploited the generated power for setting blows the death. Freed blows were so mighty, that thanks to the power they smashed and cut carcasses revived to grains.

    Seeing Radamazis struggle fighting hastily set off to the attempt. The corpse of the carrion fell down densely before the wizard, and burnt Sakurriny oneself to ash, from blows of the cane along with glitter of the Light. After some time he reached to the central place of the battle. He hit with one powerful movement with one's cane against the earth. The wave of the Light flooded all creatures of the Shadow. In the fraction of seconds they broke down into parts, be burnt in this glow. The battle was won.

    - You you rescued us everyone. We thank for you but kind-heartedly - one of Druids said

    - Well you you fought. You have a very great power in yourself. Kim are you? We would like to know in order to hand over descendant about a great man and the wizard which today here helped us - one of woman-warriors added

    - I am Radamazis.

    After these words something unusual and unexpected happened. All warriors of the earth looked to oneself and without the word, each of them lowered the head and kneeled down before the wizard. The entire remaining army on the battlefield paid homage to the wizard. Something incredible, Radamazisa heart it began more quickly to beat and filled his soul with hope of the win. Having such warriors at one's side it is possible to commit unprecedented acts. They are devoted to the matter and believe in the victory, and now have a leader which will take them.

    to be continued...