Best PVE - PVP Class

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  • Yo guys, comment with your opinion on what is the best and highest DPS PVE class and what is the best for PVP class, and why8)

  • Well, I don't think that it is possible to tell you which class is the BEST class for either PvE or PvP.
    EOS does have quite a few classes and all of them have a reason to be played.

    If it is just damage Output you are looking for, then I would reccomend you playing a Zerk or a Stormguard.
    But even those two classes may loose in overall DPS if they are not supported very well.

    In the end the best class for you is the one you have the most fun playing.

    I suppose that you are not satisfied with this answer ^^ but there really is no BEST class in Echo of Soul.

    Hanlo I bims auch nog 1 Wipe mämmbr

  • most ancient mmo question: what is best class?

    most useless answer to that question: best class for you is the one you are best at.


    it never is like that and that is never good answer, and we all know that.

    so, if you are looking for pve, the lesser ping you have and faster execute your rotation, the more dmg you will deal. You also need a good gear and lot of buffs. So you'd better keep stock of piercing remedies at all time, 10% atk buff from food and pay attention to who you are in party with since you will be granted a lot more dps buffs from them. if you get paried with tanks, it will be way lower than other parties (keep in mind party buffs go only for your party (5 ppl) and not whole raid).

    That being said, Stormguards and Berserkers seem to be topping dps meters quite often together with Archers.

    For PvP, Berserkers and Archers also seem to be most picked class.

    now there is one small thing that might actually prove "your class is best class" type of answer. In phoenix, we get RNG items so u might get just very good rolls as paladin on assassin and outdps above classes.

  • Alright thats cool and i agree but what about Mages, are they any good? And also, Firemage or Ice mage?

  • Alright thats cool and i agree but what about Mages, are they any good? And also, Firemage or Ice mage?

    Icemage are really nice, if u learn the combos and strategys u can be real high dps as well as others.

    I have seen icemages be top dps on raids many times so its just about knowing ur skills and execute them in the right order.

    Dushz- StormGuard- Aesir


  • Honestly, Berserker is just braindead and overloaded af. Quite easy rotation with ridiculous DPS in PvE and huge stun chains with two shot skills in PvP. If you're looking for something more challenging I can recommend Stormguard as it offers a solid basis but has great potential if played correctly. If you're more into the range type of class both Huntress and Bard can be amazing. Especially Bard now received buffs and can deal crazy damage. Same for huntress, though.

    To conlcude, I think that Stormguard, for the melee part, and both Huntress and Bard for the range part offer amazing damage (and support; don't playe ego stormguard or I'll come after you lol) if played correctly while also being great fun to play.

    For PvP it's similar. Stormguard - strong, Huntress is too. Bard not too much in bg but is amazing in GvG.

    Don't play zerk. Please.