How is the Assassin doing right now?

  • Hiya guys! I just started on this game, and I want to figure out which class to play first. After looking at my choices, I want to try out the assassin class, I have always been a HUGE fan of single target, sustained damage overtime DPS classes, which excels at melting bosses, and the assassin sounds like it fits that label perfectly, so I want that as my first class when I start playing. The only issue is that I NEVER really see assassins being talked about as a good class that much, and I always see berserkers, huntresses, and stormguards touted as the top damage dealing classes in the game currently when I looked into the classes, touted for their ridiculous damage, so I am kinda afraid that i would be useless compared to them, although they did get quite a bit of praise. Can someone tell me how the assassin is doing right now ingame compared to the other top classes? I really want to play the assassin right now, XD. Thanks!

    Edit:Wrong fucking section, I meant to post this thread in a different section, the one that asks for help/advice from others, but for some reason, I thogut that THIS was the section, mods, feel free to move this thread to the right section, XD.

  • the game ist in a crit meta, so that full dsk classes aren't strongest, but if you can play the assa, you will be able to be top dps in Most of groups, so that you can play all classes out of top 1 Raid easily.

  • Hey, like gamli said the game is based on crit. It doesn't mean assassin will only make instant damages, but you will put DOTs on the target(s), and then reset the time of the DOTs.

    Then you will use skills that will make instant damages, these skills will make as many damages as the number of DOTs on the ennemy .

    Basically just put 10+ poisons on the target then use buffs and instant skills.

    This class is quite cool in PVP/PVE, it has advantages like a good ability to survive (def class, can heal you) and you can make damages even on high lvl boss (piercing boss) compared to crit class (such as a duellist that may have more problems)

    I let you see the rotation of an assassin :

    If you are looking for a FULL DOT class (and range) you should see for the class "tormentor".

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  • Assassin sucks atm (and will be even worse with the next updates), i'd suggest you to play another class.

    At same gear etc assassin wouldn't deal more than 2/3 of the tops dps in current Raids since we're so overgeared.

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  • Well, it kinda sucks that sustained, boss melting, single target DOT DPS style classes are not so great in this kind of game. I usually LOVE playing single target sustained DPS classes to melt bosses when I want to play DPS style classes in many MMO's like this, and DOT DPS through poisons seems like it fits that role extremely well, especially if it is an assassin/rogue style class, who is pretty much almost always a single target DPS class focusing on taking down bosses, or PVP, if not an assassin, any agility style class, like a ranged archer/hunter/ranger with ginormous crit rate, and attack speed seems to take its place.

    Except FFXI where the ninjas were the tank with by far the least downtime, and most survivability due to taking no damage from most attacks, making it REALLY tough to kill them, so healers loved them, at the cost of them having major trouble with aggro generation/hate management without a thief helping out, especially early on, and them not doing so well with AOE attacks, and fast hitting mobs, so they were actually on equal grounds, or pretty close compared to the paladin tank back then, and both were REALLY good at their role at their hayday for different reasons, so people wanted both, usually coming down to them either wanting massive survivability, and low downtime that healers usually like, or a much easier time with hate management that damage dealers usually prefer, especially if a thief is not in the party, before every boss had AOE attacks to push ninja tanks out of the meta, was really sad when that happened, they were such fun to play back then.

    Point is, I usually gravitate towards assassin style classes, because of their laser focused, single target DPS nature, at the cost of no AOE, it's a kind of archetype that works REALLY WELL in MMO's like this, it makes sense, and it just works, sometimes also having a DOT tree to make it even better, once I saw an assassin style class in this game focusing on DOT's, I was immediately hooked, and wanted to make one right away, before realizing that no one really talked much about it in general, really sucks that they are not in a good spot now, and my dreams of melting bosses with this class are crushed, :(.

    I guess I will do the next best thing, and try out either a huntress, or berserker, and try melting bosses with them, both of them seem to fit the bill that I described, since earthguard seems to be more of an AOE class from the ingame description, and i am not usually a fan of taking down adds, or trash mobs in MMOs like this, XD. Thanks for the help either way though, and pointing me in the right direction, even if I hate that answer! XD. Hope the assassin eventually does get buffed, and they can eventually fulfill my dreams, but until then, into the bin it goes, it seems like it isn't TOO weak, and it is salvagable though, so maybe I will try one after all.

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  • Assassin used to be really really good in classic, it was a must have for the highest raid. But in 3.0, since Def of Bosses is pretty low compared to our stats, crit classes deal alot more damage than piercing classes. thats why normally you ll see reapers, zerks, duelists on top, and never(at least in raids where you have a reasonable amount of debuffs and players who know to play their classes) tormentor assassin or firemage.

  • Alright, now it makes more sense, so the problem isn't the amount of damage the pierce based classes have with the skills themselves, they are perfectly fine as is, the problem is that the enemies in this game right not are tailored MUCH MORE towards crit based classes than pierce based classes, so it's the environment, and the types of enemies that is the problem, not the class itself.

    Is there anyway to convince aeria to increase the defense of the bosses, so the DOT classes can have a leg to stand on in the future, or change their class from pierce to crit based? That seems like the best way to solve the current issues the pierce based classes have right now with the bosses.

    If the crit based classes are dealing normal levels of DPS, or the amount of DPS they are supposed to deal, and the bosses STILL take a long time to kill, with them in the party/meta due to the bosses being balanced for them in mind, and the piercing classes are just weak in general, I guess also reduce the HP of bosses along with raising their defense, so the bosses do not take too long for the classes, and the crit based classes do not feel too weak.

    Never actually played the game yet, so I don't know which one of my 2 assumptions are correct, but either way, this kind of issue seems to be fairly easy to fix, just adjust the defense/HP values of the bosses to put the piercing classes on par with the crits, the skill damage, and DPS of the classes itself under optimal conditions doesn't seem like it needs much adjustment, so nothing too difficult needs to be adjusted, so hopefully aeria would do it in the future to put them on par with each other. Until then, I guess I will go level my huntress, XD.

    BTW, I am actually much more of a support player than a DPS, so I would most likely focus, level, and cap my tank class soon, whatever the tank class would be, and focus on my DPS class later. The tank classes from what I have seen are fairly balanced, not too much complaining, or discussion about the tank classes in general, not much discussion AT ALL though when I tried looking into them, so I know next to nothing about them despite being really balanced, and I want to know more about them.

    I really want to try to level one, and protect my whole party, but I don't know who I am dealing with, and which tank I like the best flavorwise, so expect a thread asking for the differences between the tanks flavorwise to see which one I would like to play around with since they are thankfully fairly balanced in that case, so I can just focus on which one I like the best soon on the CORRECT SECTION, so expect that thread in a few days, XD.

  • Atm I can recommend you to play zerk, it's perfect for all. It attacks fast, it's a crit and piercing meta, so you will make damages on low and high lvl bosses, you can begin a boss or an add or whatever you want with big damages. It's good in solo target and AOE. It's also quite tanky and buff the party (10% attacks during 10secs). BUT like all melee classes (except reaper) you will need to spam auto-attack.

    Btw the reaper is probably the best class for PVE bosses, it's a crit meta and you don't do any auto-attack because you have to spam skills in the right order and activate at the right moment the buff that goes with the skill. But it's also the class the less played because it's an hard gameplay, you need to be fast and make the rotation on dummies/bosses until you get it perfectly, otherwise your dps will be s*** :x