Fresh 70 needs direction

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  • I decided to give EoS another try, and am very glad to see the changes within the Phoenix iteration. Unfortunately, I can not find any guides or videos to help me best plan on gearing my fresh 70 character. I am in the process of obtaining the Staff of Helman, but that is the extent of my knowledge. Lucid gems, Hunting grounds, and everything in between escape me. Could anyone please point me in the right direction?:/

  • there is now only 1 type of jewel they are "royal" jewels they can be enhanced upto +24

    hunting grounds are no longer a thing under level 70, the better option is to continually spam dungeons for your level as they guarantee a exp scroll in solo mode and legend modes (3 man) give 3 scrolls.

  • Best to get 63k Ap gear, as new starter, i used gift box crafting items, to make piece of gear. then i used battlefield coins to buy first lvl boxes, to get some jewelry. maxed up my stones (for then +9). and then started to spam raid dryad dungeons and dailies (warped), that gave me hp for free (enough to survive in dryad :D).

  • Hi, the fastest way to get stuff is first to complete lvl 70 yellow quests.

    Then when you get 103 stuff and jewels you can ask high lvl people to bring you in dryad raid NM & HM and give you all the stuff (109 & 115).

    While you try to be carried to get fast 115 stuff you can also spam BGs (especially Saturday 19h-23h) to get BG badges and buy the highest jewels you can buy, then just pray for good rolls.

    The goal is to improve you AttackPower fast to be able to get good stuff in "random dungeons", you have 2 daily quests that give you 4 blue stuff each and ask you to do 4 random dungeons. After 4 random dungeons you get a purple stuff 1 rank higher than the blue one.

    For example by doing 4 random DG you can get 8 blue 115 stuff and 1 purple 121 stuff (the lvls depends on the max of AttackPower you reached). And this is the fastest way to stuff you : random DG (and raids if you have a guild/friends to take you there).

    Concerning the leveling you should make your dailies, give the priority on Vortex dailies (not repeatable quests) + solo DG dailies.