VERY New to EoS: The basics

  • Hello!

    I made an Archer/Huntress, thinking easiest for new EoS learning the game..

    1. How can I set a home point? I look around in each town/camp with a Portal. I see the guy that wills send me elsewhere, but NOT

    where to register Home Point! I dont even know who/what to look for!

    2. I have been 'purifying' rough (?) soul stones (?) at blue beam of light. Then what? I see numbers increasing in the 4 colored sphere at the

    end of the Toolbars.. How/when do I use them??

    3. Talking about toolbars.. I need to add one or two. Can you please path me to the right location in the Settings?? I have looked and Looked, but I dont see

    where I can do it.. I was able to redefined some number keys and F1 keys..

    4. Is it very important to eat?? I just dinged lvl 20.

    5. I just got to Ignea town. Is there an Auction House for Armor or NPC? The Armor I get from Quests, at my own lvl, is way low!

    Does it matter at my lvl?

    6. My weapon has a slot for a Gem (I think). At lvl 20 is it good to fill it (some how), or wait till higher character lvl?

    7. Last Question, honest! It seems as though no one talks in chat.. I am on the Guild Tab, for newbies. No one

    answers Questions.. Same for the ALL tab. Doing online gaming since early 2000. Have never seen that

    behavior! Is some setting Wrong? Im on.... oops forgot.. Starts with an L..

    I know thats a lot.. Sorry if my formatting iif its messy! Thanks for ANY help you can give! ;)

    Peace.. Lynlee

  • 1. Ignea home point npc = an npc named bautisto

    2. Use them while fighting against bosses or large groups of mobs only 1 can be used at a time.

    3.under settings > UI settings > show alt hotkey bar

    4.eating buffs your HP and attack by 10% when at 100% food

    5.the battlefield merchant sells gear you can access the npc in battlefield and in the battlefield area of ignea

    auction house aint worth it under lvl70

    6.yes use gems always and make sure to enhance them at a jewler.

    7.silent guilds are just there to give you an extra boost most people either switch to system chat or whispering with friends so they wont see your questions.

  • I am also a newbie player, but I can answer all your questions

    1. you can search npc with description below its name that reads < Return Guide >

    2. you can purify souls at the soul sanctums found in every town. solo purification gives one purified soul per 2 chaos souls. you can also perform co-op purification with other players, even when there's no soul sanctum in the area. co-op purification is much more efficient than solo, giving one purified Soul per chaos soul!. two purified souls can be used to activate a soul skill, which triggers a powerful buff. each buff grants a different can activate all of them but you cannot be activate at the same time. in addition, purified souls can be used to produce various useful items via the soul expert hobby (hotkey J, select soul processing)

    3.go to option, chose setting menu >> Game tab >> select UI setting >> take look at Hotkey Setting section, you can add 10 or 20 more hotkey to your display UI.

    4. for me yes, its important to keep at blue color. as you can see, the effect will add 10% max hp & 10% attack.

    5. I suggest you better get the equipment from the dungeon party by killing bosses. because if you try to search at the auction, mostly items are for high level.

    6. if you fill your equipments with jewel, you can extract the jewel anytime you need by holding shift key + right click on your gear.

    7. its happen to me too. i have no idea with this one :D

  • 4. In high level dungeons and raids food gives some advantages. Especially as huntress or mage you have low hp/def and the extra hp can help you survive certain boss mechanics. The attack buff can be useful as well, for you deal more damage, but in below level 70 its almost useless, because you spent much energy.

    7. After character creation everyone gets in a newbie starting guild. The idea behind this is that new players can help each others out, but most ppl just leave that guild right away. Better leave the starting guild and look for a "real" guild. Furthermore the "low level" areas are almost empty. Most players just grind in solo/legend dungeons to reach level 70 as fast as possible.