Magic Mount Box - Blue & BOGO Pori's Magic Lamp VII

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    Buckle up for another round of hot weekly deals.

    Your favorite webshop in the realm of the internet brings you the Magic Mount Box - Blue, and the community favorite Buy One Get One promotion, this time around the Pori's Magic Lamp VII.


    OCTOBER 11 TO OCTOBER 15, 2021

    The Magic Mount Box - Blue gives you the chance to access some of the coolest mounts in Echo of Soul.

    Glacial Mammoth, Storm Dragon, Spirit Cybersaur, (Deft) Moon Quilin, (Swift) Blue Sea Dragon, and Blue Sea Horse are up for grabs.


    OCTOBER 11 TO OCTOBER 15, 2021

    If you are looking for a Genie in a lamp, you'll certainly not find one here, but what about a sneak peek of the likes of content you will?

    For all the Quillin enthusiasts out there, [Swift] Sun Quilin, [Swift] Demonic Quilin, [Swift] Moon Quilin are now within reach! Try your luck now and if the fortune is on your side, you'll tame a fiery and fearless mount for many adventures to come.

    And don't forget about the BOGO deal! For every Pori's Magic Lamp VII you purchase, you will get another for FREE.

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    Your Echo of Soul Team