Patch Notes | Oktoberfest 2021

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    OCTOBER 6, 2021

    As temperatures cool and the first autumn leaves are blown off trees, Soulkeepers across Friggard gather around and embrace the Oktoberfest celebrations.

    Grab a drink and join us through the Oktoberfest Patch Notes. Here's a sneak peek of the contents waiting for you:



    This is how Echo of Soul bids farewell to summer.

    Store your swimsuit for the year, head down to your favorite beer gardens, and join fellow Soulkeepers for a toast before chasing the Oktoberfest events:

    • Oktoberfest Quest Event
    • Oktoberfest Celebration Buffs


    From October 6 to October 20, 2021.

    How to participate

    Clear Event Quests and earn precious Oktoberfest Coins. These precious twinkle bits will definitely pay off as you can cash them in for exciting rewards. Alexander, the Event NPC has several unique goodies for trade that you can't simply miss.

    Event Quest

    Here's a sneak peek at the Oktoberfest event quests:

    • [Event] Travel to Oktoberfest
    • [Event][Daily Co-op] Party Crasher
    • [Event] [Repeat Co-op] Party Crasher
    • [Event][Repeat] Artisanal Beer
    • [Event][Repeat] Sausage Specialist
    • [Event][Daily] Pork Knuckle Sandwich
    • [Event][Daily] Glorious Gluttony
    • [Event][Daily] A Bit Too Much
    • [Event] Travel to Oktoberfest


    That's right Soulkeeper, this is where all the hard work pays off. These are the goodies available for trade, so make sure to drop by Alexander (Event NPC) and cash in those precious coins:

    • Guru's Enhancement Stone: 2 Coins
    • Liquor - Souldrop: 3 Coins
    • Recipe - Traditional Oktoberfest Beer: 5 Coins
    • Recipe - Traditional Sausage: 5 Coins
    • Recipe - Traditional Schweinshaxe: 5 Coins
    • [Rare] Reroll Scroll of Gear: 5 Coins
    • [Epic] Reroll Scroll of Gear: 7 Coins
    • Zima's Enhancement Magic Lamp: 30 Coins
    • Superior Key: 40 Coins
    • Mistilteinn Box: 50 Coins
    • Golden Hammer of Botan: 50 Coins
    • [Event] Lucky Experience Scroll Box: 50 Coins
    • Equability of Moon: 60 Coins
    • Blessing of Moon: 60 Coins
    • Void Accessory Box: 65 Coins
    • Void Equipment Box: 70 Coins
    • Advanced Stabilization Catalyst: 70 Coins
    • Guru's Safeguard: 70 Coins


    From October 6 to October 20, 2021.

    Powerful buffs to carry you through your adventures were carefully crafted. Here's what you can expect:

    Weekday Buffs - 00:00/24:00 CET

    • Monday : Bounty Hunter / Fair Winds
    • Tuesday : Workshop / A Comfortable Rest
    • Wednesday : Bounty Hunter / Workshop
    • Thursday : Rapid Battlefield Blessing / Giant's Heart
    • Friday : Undisturbed Mind / A Comfortable Rest

    Weekend Buffs - 00:00/24:00 CET

    • Saturday & Sunday : Blessing of Lucky Enhancement



    New Items in the In-game Shop

    If you are looking forward to grabbing some of the hottest items in Echo of Soul, here's a preview.

    Pandora’s Appearance Decoration Costume Lamp

    It contains unique Head & Face, Special Parts Costumes plus many other useful items.

    Equipment Packages

    Receive all the items included in the package at 100% chance.

    Level Up Package

    Level up with the Insta-70 Scroll and dress up with your brand new Immortality Equipment & Immortality Accessory Full Set Pack. Visit the great halls of Ignea by using the teleport scroll available in this package.

    Novice Package

    Featuring the Hell Equipment and Hell Accessory Full Set Pack.

    Apprentice's Pack

    The Apprentice's Package features awesome content such as the Ascended Hell Equipment & Ascended Hell Accessory Full Set Pack.

    Head & Face

    Some of the coolest appearance items you could hope for are now available. Cat Ears, Cowboy Hat, Headset and much more!

    Don't forget to stop by the In-game Cash Shop and stay up to date with all the new content available.

    We hope you have a great time with the Echo of Soul Oktoberfest Update. If you find any issue regarding the content mentioned in this patch notes, experiencing issues updating, logging in, or crashing in Echo of Soul, please let us know here:

    Your Echo of Soul Team

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