Find the lost Grandpa Pori!

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    The Grandpa Pori was on a journey through all major cities of Friggard to express a little extra love to his furry feline companion waiting for him at home, but due to his age he had very bad eyesight and orientation and thus got lost on his way. Can you help us find him?

    Event Period

    Event will start on Saturday, June 5, 2021 at 18:00 CEST and will run for approximately 1 hour.

    Event Description

    During the event keep an eye for the announcement chat for event notifications and whereabout hints. Travel to major cities and look out for Grandpa Pori. Should you find him you should talk to him, he will give you 1 Discoverer's Proof. Only one player can react with one Grandpa Pori. Once found Grandpa Pori will disappear.

    Note: Before taking part in this event please make sure to drop your Discoverer's Proof from the previous event otherwise your participation will not get considered.

    Event Reward

    300 Golden Eggs / Marie's Pet Stone Magic Lamp x3

    As a heartfelt appreciation from the Grandpa Pori your Discoverer's Proof will be automatically exchanged to 300 Golden Eggs after the event. Additionally, Marie's Pet Stone Magic Lamps will be given to the top 3 players with most Discoverer's Proofs. If no top players can get determined then Magic Lamp winners will be selected randomly. You can only get one reward of each type. You have to keep your newly acquired Discoverer's Proof in the inventory until rewards are distributed.


    Facebook Giveaway

    Not that we need a reason, but Friday, June 4, 2021 is a Hug Your Cat Day! Go ahead and give your cat some extra hugs!!!
    Additionally, post your screenshot with any Echo of Soul cat to Facebook with the hashtags #EchoOfSoul #HugYourCatDay for a chance to win Mistilteinn x3 and yummy Quattro Cheese Pizza x5! Don’t forget to write your in-game nickname. We’ll announce winners on Monday, June 7, 2021.

    What are you waiting for? Head to the Echo of Soul and find Grandpa Pori!

    Your Echo of Soul Team