Atisan Polishing and Enhancing

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    Well we were told some wished for a lovely Atisan week so we come to bear great news! We won't spoil the surprise just yet. Just kidding! Let's get into it!

    First those will be glad to hear about a BOGO Atisan Zima Lamp! That means you can get yourself not 1 but 2 lamps for whatever your luck may bring you!

    Up next another BOGO this time it's for the BOGO Soulstone Enhance Magic Lamp! Increase your power through the magic of soulstone enhancement! Double the materials for the same price of 1!

    Of course we have to have a Polishing Experience +1000 scroll package for your jewels! Max out that polish from head to toe with these packages. At 30% off how can you think otherwise?!

    Well although it seems like a lot, the time given for you to take advantage of this may not seem so, expect all of these to be gone come January 15th!