Producer Letter - January 2021

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    Hello, Soulkeepers!

    First and foremost, we hope you are having a nice start to your new year, despite the unusual times we are together going through.

    We are happy to bring you, once more, a Producer Letter update! It is our intention to have a recap of the year which has already reached it's end, and what 2021 can bring, we also have great news to share!

    2020 RECAP

    The last year was in fact quite bumpy for Echo of Soul and we are working towards more stability. We'll be honest about it, acknowledge the mistakes and challenges occurred, and move forward as we've also learned with it and we are now better prepared.

    There were several changes in the Echo of Soul Team too. There is always a required time to get fully onboard, but we did it, and one thing we can promise you: we are dedicated and working to spot, report, fix and improve the game, while simultaneously providing you new in-game content and exciting CM/GM activities around Friggard and all the communication channels.

    Let's have a sneak peek of some of the major issues and milestones we've reached over this past year:

    Account Warehouse

    The disappearance of items from one's account warehouse shouldn't happen, as this should be a place of trust for you to store the items you earned and love the most. This said, and after problems around it, we are happy to let you know once more that this case is no longer affecting our Community, and in case it happens, we do have a process in place to bring your items back, in coordination with the EOS Development Team.

    In-game Localization

    Localization is something we have been working on a regular basis, by delivering frequently updates to several content over the last few patches, but also aiming at correcting some font issues previously spotted. This is still a work in progress, and we are also counting with your support: If you come across localisation mistakes, report it to our Customer Support, Game Master or Community Management Team. Expect more localization updates to come as we move forwards.

    New Player and Returning Player Event

    We are monitoring these events, as we do have reports of missing rewards, and in another case, the package being sent to all players upon login and without meeting the event requirements. The Development Team is fully aware of this issue, and we hope to have improvements in the upcoming editions. Additionally, we are also having a look at the reports of missing rewards from the Halloween Attendance Event.

    Botan Hammer Exploit

    This exploit is currently being monitored, after several actions were put in place in order to prevent it. From reset of stats, impossibility to list it on marketplace, and unconfirmed legendary equipment for reappraisal using the Golden Hammer of Botan that are listed on the marketplace, consequently unlisted and returned to the owner. We know this does not solve the problem with users who have glitched their gear prior, we do however have an ongoing report list, all users on this list shall be independently investigated for this bug, so keep those reports coming!

    Other Bugs

    In coordination with our Community and GM Team, we do have a fully detailed list of current bugs, which will be addressed soon. We would like to take the chance to say thank you for your patience and cooperation in this process, as you will start to see several of the current issues being solved in the beginning of the year. More information will follow as we proceed in 2021 in this same Producer Letter.

    And now time for an overview of significant events and milestones occurred over the year:

    Regular Seasonal Patches

    Echo of Soul is happy to bring you regular game content updates with new events and rewards to chase. This will of course happen in the future, as we'll be working also on giving you different variations of each seasonal event, and new exciting rewards to fight for.

    Integration of Steam Users

    The Echo of Soul and Steam cooperation as come to an end. This means that no longer players are able to access the game through this platform. Although sad we have offered them something for their troubles to help adjust them to their new home!

    We have addressed this situation and brought our Steam users home so they don't miss a thing!

    Major Monthly Events

    The months of October and November were quite busy in Echo of Soul! Not only we have launched the Halloween and Anniversary Patch, but simultaneously, we experienced two full months of activities, and plenty of rewards, provided by the gamigo's 20th anniversary and Echo of Soul 3rd Anniversary.

    We couldn't be more happy with your massive participation across several events and platforms, plus, the amount of hours we have clocked delivering rewards for the same event participation: it took us quite some work to follow up, but we were just stoked to do it, as your engagement just kept increasing!

    2021 Glimpse

    The Echo of Soul Team is excited to announce a major milestone: the 3.0 Update! This game update will be the corner stone and set the beginning of new content and improvements we have planned for the year! It's a lot to take in, and even hard to top!

    Update 3.0

    This game update represents a major milestone as it will revamp Echo of Soul and present you with new game features, such as Soul Sharing! A brand new system in the game, along with UI, and other bits and baubles to keep it a fresh experience while keeping a lot of what keeps EOS, EOS.

    Additionally, this will allow Echo of Soul to sync up with the Korean Server, meaning that no longer we'll experience issues and hopefully stay up to date while we're at it!

    Last but not least, and this is something you are really looking for, with the implementation of the upcoming update, several issues that are currently affecting the game experience and user quality of life, are no longer going to exist, example: Ignea War.

    More Bug Fixes

    As previously mentioned, with the implementation of the 3.0 game update, several existing issues are going to be solved, but there is a backlog of well documented bugs - props and well deserved thanks to you, our Community, and GM Team for the reports - which we are going to fully focus on.

    In case you are wondering why not solving existing bugs, and then launch 3.0, the answer is actually simple and logical: some of the bugs are going to disappear solely due to the update, leaving us then with remaining and known bugs to tackle.

    New Content

    We'll keep bring you seasonal events, as it is usual in the Echo of Soul calendar, but we'll be aiming at providing you the event with different stories, quest lines and mostly, new rewards to chase! We will also do our part and try to provide our bug list to the developers to help it be more polished on time!

    We are thankful and happy to see that you have stick with us through thick and thin, and it is our goal and responsibility to make 2021 a better Echo of Soul year! Stay tuned for the upcoming weeks as we will bring you the first step of what´s our vision for Echo of Soul.

    Also please feel free to provide feedback or suggestions. We are going to follow up and reply as possible.

    As we wish you an amazing year and holiday season, safely with your beloved ones, and with the family we all have made on Echo of Soul.

    Your Echo of Soul Team