How fast can you ride?

  • Soulkeepers, Mina needs your help!

    She needs special Resources, but there are many dangers and she can't handle it alone!

    Soulkeepers, are you strong enough to help Mina? Can you collect the Resources for her? Gather as a group of 4 people and go on the journey!

    But first you need to register until December 18th 11:59 pm > HERE <, because you need a pass to enter!

    Mina also told us that you will get paid for your effort!

    Can you help Mina?

    Her Journey will start on December 19th

    6pm on Levina

    7pm on Aesir

    8pm on Edun

    The place of the Event will be told to every Group right before the Event in private and we will teleport you.

    Mina also told us, to be accepted for the journey, a few Conditions must be met:

    • You're only allowed to use the llama mount
    • Weapons are not allowed and need to be stored in the storage
    • It could happen that your essences of courage disappear, so please store them in storage
    • You are allowed to use the blue soul skill.
    • Be sure to not have any kind of Move SPD Buffs running, except the “Glorious Victory” and the “Soulkeepers Glory”, they will be removed for participation.
    • It is forbidden to disturb other players, e.g. loot the other box, send requests, or send a pm to impede progress.
    • If a trade is not completed and a GM points this out, you must return and make the trade again.
    • Your group is allowed to die maximum of 4 times, after 4 deaths your group is disqualified. Please wait in the base until the other groups have finished.
    • Do not tell other players the location of the event.
    • Once your round is over and the GM tells you to leave the area, you are not allowed to return to the event grounds.
    • If anyone breaks the rules or tries to cheat they or their group will get disqualified.
    • If a player tries to disturb the Event they will get kicked, if they wont stop, they will receive a temporary ban. The Event will be recorded.

    Thank you Thalany and YunaAngel for your Event Suggestion, your two events have been combined and adjusted a little.