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    Forum Event: EoS Lore Storytelling

    Ready for a challenge, Soulkeeper?

    This event is going to require creativity and writing skills!

    Set yourself on an adventure and carry the universe of Echo of Soul with you. We wish to learn about an alternative lore for Echo of Soul exclusively through your eyes and imagination.

    join our Anniversary Forum Event and be part of Echo of Soul 3rd Anniversary celebrations. Remember that by participating you'll win in-game rewards and enter the Anniversary Raffle official merchandise!

    Your Echo of Soul Team

  • what do we need to do ?

    We would like for our Community to write alternative stories about the origin of Friggard and Soulkeepers. Example of some elements available in great stories:

    - The plot can be center around an emerging hero, an idea or a conflict between factions;

    - Each hero needs a sidekick, a rival, so the hero can overcome;

    - Good vs Evil;

    - Friendship, Love, Treason;

    - Vast setting across space and time: a journey, through different times and places, following the life of a specific character, community, land, etc;

    - Supernatural or otherworldly forces: Gods, angels, demons, factions with special powers, etc;

    - Accomplishment of deeds of valor or other almost impossible accomplishments for the average person;

    These are just some examples, each one of you is free to write your own mind. :)