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    Hello Soulkeeper

    The Oktoberfest is about to end. Whilst mugs are being collected and beer tent are being disassembled, the night is being lit by pumpkins. Halloween approaches! Please find below a small overview of today's patch:

    Version: Live.67


    • Oktoberfest
      • The Oktoberfest ends. Your coins as well as the respective merchants have been removed with today's patch.
    • Halloween Event
      • The Halloween event is starting. Get yourself some candies until November 18th, 2020. Remaining coins of the last years have been removed.
      • Take part in an additional attendance event from October 26th until November 1st.
      • Doubled drop rate, doubled EXP from October 24th until November 8th. Ready, steady, go!

    Bug Fixes:

    • Golden Hammer of Botan
      • The functionality of the Golden Hammer of Botan has been revised. Using an exploit that granted multiple very high stats on multiple items is no longer possible. We would like to inform that the possession of those items is still not allowed and might result in a ban or the affected items being removed.
      • Items in an unstable state (as caused by the bug) can no longer be sold in the auction warehouse. This restriction ought to dramatically decrease sharing those items. Any affected items in the auchtion warehouse have been returned to their owners. (nevertheless the possession of those items will be penalized.).
    • Battlefield rewards
      • The battlefield and arena reward boxes for level 94 and 96 now contain the missing legendary fragments. The GMs and CMs will no longer credit the fragments belatedly.
      • The descriptions of the battlefield and arena boxes as well as their contents have been adapted.

    Enjoy the game. Trick or treat!

    Kind regards,

    The EOS Team