gamigo 20th anniversary: Forum Event - Battlefield PvP Screenshot

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    Ready for a challenge, Soulkeepers?

    Do you have the strength to defend the lands of Friggard? Show us your devotion during the #gamigo20 celebrations! 🎉

    Queue up and take up arms against one another! Put yourself in battlefield matches, ⚔️ send us a screenshot of the character you have completed it with 📷 for us to prove your worth and to reward you with Anniversary Points. 🪙

    10,000 Points for each weekly gamigo Anniversary Forum Event!

    The number of points you can win will vary depending on how many players participate. For example, if there are only two (2) participants, they will each receive 5,000 points. However, if there are twenty (20) or more participants, each will receive 500 points.

    Post your sceenshots >>here<<.