Event: Dungeon-Homework

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    Hello Soulkeeper!

    An event we didn’t have for a long time starts again: The Dungeon Homework!

    This event starts on 01/10/2020 and ends on 21/10/2020!

    Every week challenges are to be beaten which rise in their difficulty over time! The challenges are divided into 3 categories:

    • Easy (recommended Attack Power: 4,790) [Only up to level 70]
    • Normal (recommended Attack Power: 420,000)
    • Hard (recommended Attack Power: 575,000)
    • Legendary (recommended Attack Power: 730,000)

    Each of the categories will reward a set of goods, which rise in quantity with the chosen difficulty.

    Which of the categories you choose is up to you but there will be points for everys week’s difficulty you clear and after that 3 weeks we’ll sum up those points for an extra reward.

    Should you change your character during the coming weeks your progress will be reset.


    • Only one character per account. Those trying to cheat will be disqualified.
    • At the end of a dungeon/raid a full screenshot is needed, which can be added in the form down below.
    • Only one difficulty will be evaluated each week.

    On the screenshot should be visible:

    • Name of the character
    • Damage calculator with all participants of the raid
    • Time that the raid has been completed in
    • Last boss’ health (take the boss in target)

    Kind regards,

    Your EoS Team

  • Week 1 [01/10/20 - 07/10/20]

    Easy: 5x Vagrant's Copse (hero)

    Normal: 5x Blazing Peak of Dreams (normal)

    Hard: 5x: Woods of Chaos (normal)

    Legendary: 5x The Sanctuary (hero) & 5x Ice Labyrinth (hero) within 10 minutes per dungeon!


  • Week 2 [08/10/20 -14/10/20]

    Easy: 3x Bastion of Cork (hero)

    Normal: 5x Crimson Fortress & Fallen Tower Zone 1 (normal)

    Hard: 3x Destroyed Cardilla & Fallen Tower Zone 2 (normal) within 25 minutes!

    Legendary: Ironfire Mountain Zone 1 & Ironfire Mountain Zone 2 within 15 minutes per raid!


  • Woche 3 [15/10/20 - 21/10/20]

    Easy: 5x Drakus' Laboratory (hero)

    Normal: Fallen Tower Zone 1(normal) & Fallen Tower Zone 1(hero)

    Hard: Fallen Tower Zone 2 (hero) & Ironfire Mountain Zone 1 within 30 minutes per raid!

    Legendary: Dark Citadel Zone 1 & Dark Citadel Zone 2 within 30 minutes per raid!