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    The warm sunny days are slowly fading away, summer has come and gone and so we welcome autumn with the most famous beer festival in the world.

    Here is a small overview of today's patch:

    Version: Live.66


    Join our in-game celebrations, Soulkeeper! From September 23rd to October 21st, there are event quests waiting for you and plenty of rewards. You simply cannot miss it! Visit Echo of Soul now and earn exclusive event rewards such as Octoberfest Formulas, Octoberfest boxes, potions and much more!

    New Server Buffs

    Who loves server buffs more than anything? You do!

    Here's a sneak-peak on the new server schedule for the monthly event, from September 23rd to October 21st, accordingly.

    Week days Buffs: 1st round - 12PM to 6PM CET / 2nd round - 7PM to 12AM CET

    Monday: Bounty Hunter / Fair Wind

    Tuesday: Workshop / A Comfortable Rest

    Wednesday: Bounty Hunter / Workshop

    Thursday: Rapid Battlefield Blessing / Giant's Heart

    Friday: Undisturbed Mind / A Comfortable Rest

    Weekend Buff: 12AM to 11:59PM CET

    Saturday: To your positions! / Giant's Heart

    Sunday: Blessing of Lucky Enhancement

    Bug Fixes

    Solution for the Account Storage Item disappearance bug: The Development Team will collect the data over the missing items during the patch maintenance, and at a later date, send you the very same items to your character in-game mail box. This solution is going to allow you to lay hands on your missing items, while the dev teams works on fixing the issue once and for all. Stay up to date with us for more news about it!

    The "Very Special Gift" bug is also going to be fixed with this patch, following the same procedure applied on the Account Storage Item Disappearance bug. The Dev Team will delete the current items with this patch, and later send you the real reward. Keep an eye in your in-game mail during the upcoming weeks.

    Localization fixes: Update mount descriptions in english, german and french. Font errors were also revised in all the languages previously mentioned.


    Octoberfest Coins from previous editions are to going to be removed during the patch maintenance, in order to ensure a fair participation across our community.


    Your EOS Team