Hidden Challenge Tower Bug!

  • Hello Soulkeepers,

    In the last few weeks we have tried to figure out how the hidden challenge tower bug works. With the help of your feedback and the permission to watch some players in their challenge tower runs, we have found the cause and a solution for the bug that no boss appears at stage 11, 21 or 31.

    Please make sure that you do not kill the boss and the box at the same time. To do this, stand away from the spawn point of the box, or be careful not to use any area skills to kill the boss.

    Should it still happen that there is no boss at level 11, 21 or 31, you can write to Chevy (German), Ashaya (German), Chalcedony (English), Xythril (German; English; French) or Juuki (German; English) in the discord or forum, one of us will then come online and help you to continue using your ticket. But note that we are not always available to help, the GMs who are available are shown as online in the forum or on Discord.

    Please understand that we cannot always react immediately. So please be careful not to trigger the bug.


    Your EoS-Team