Patch Notes | July 22, 2020

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    Getting bored of the old raids already? Get your guild together and spice up your daily routines with the new raid Dark Citadel Zone 1&2 and show Riggan what you got!

    Not in a guild or generally not a fan of huge groups of people? Try our new dungeon difficulties with a party of your choice including The Sanctuary (Hero) and Frozen Labyrinth (Hero)!

    You’re more of a one-man army and it’s you against the world? Challenge yourself in Aedis Infernum II (Hero), Clone Lab II (Hero), or in the floors 21 to 40 of the Hidden Challenge Tower!

    Check out all the details for today’s update below!

    Here is an overview of today’s patch:

    Version: Live.63

    New in the game:

    • Level Cap has been increased to Lv.96
      • New Vortex quests (Lv.94 & Lv.96)
      • New profession levels (increased to 135,200)
      • New recipes for Chef & Soul Expert
      • New Support Gear
        • You can now further enhance your Support Gear with the respective quest
      • Updated daily activities accordingly to Lv.94 & Lv.96
    • New raid
      • Dark Citadel Zone 1 & 2 are now available
    • New dungeon difficulties
      • Solo: Aedis Infernum II (Hero) & Clone Lab II (Hero)
      • Party: The Sanctuary (Hero) & Frozen Labyrinth (Hero)
    • Hidden Challenge Tower
      • Added floors 21 to 40
    • New equipment sets
      • Added blue quality Lv. 175 & 181
      • Added purple quality Lv. 181 & 187


    • Challenge Tower Buff: Edun’s Blessing
      • EXP, Gold & Drop Boost +100%
        • Challenge Tower (Lower)
        • Challenge Tower (Upper)
        • Hidden Challenge Tower
    • Jewel Enhancement:
      • Reduced Stone consumption
      • Increased success rate when enhancing
        • Event Zone in Ignea (near mailbox): +30%
      • Decreased failure rate
        • The chance that the enhancement level drops (-1, -2, -3) has been decreased
    • Battlefield:
      • Acquired Hero Badges +100%
      • Acquisition limit increased to 50,000
      • Lv. 70+: EXP depending on the character’s level will be gained when attending the Battlefield

    These events will end on the 19th of August 2020.

    Modifications in the game:

    • Adjusted required legendary gear fragments for fusion
      • Lv. 160: 200 -> 100 fragments
      • Lv. 175: 800 -> 200 fragments
      • Lv. 190: 1000 -> 800 fragments
    • Items providing something depending on the Attack Power have been updated, such as the Adventurer Bag from daily raids
    • The Summer Event ends

    Fixed issues:

    • The Lv.90 Vortex quest item is now attached to the correct quest
    • The Lv.92 Vortex quest now provides the required item to complete it
    • The level-dependent rewards from daily raids have been adjusted to provide the respective materials for Lv.94 & Lv.96

    Known issues:

    • Random dungeon rewards still give Lv.175 purple equipment max
    • Profession skills increase by 1 point

    Thank you for your patience. Have fun!


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