(TGM) Akuri

  • Hi to the EoS-World out there: P

    My name is Akuri, I am here now that you can annoy me with all sorts of things: 3 Briefly to me: I’m play EoS from the beginning of EoS Phoenix without a break and have seen, experienced and participated a lot. For which reason I would like to share my knowledge and help you guys with everything I can.

    You can annoy me in 3 languages German, English and French. I speak and write fluently the 3 languages. I will help you as far as I can with all your questions and problems. So don't hesitate to ask me if you need help.

    On the 3 servers, as well as on the Discord, you can find me under the name:

    Edun: GMAkuri

    Aesir: Akuri

    Levina: EOSAkuri

    In this sense, I look forward to a great collaboration :3