[In-Game] Hit the CM

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    It’s that time of the year where it’s starting to get real sunny and hot, so let’s get together for some water balloon action on Watermelon Island!

    How will the event take place?

    You will need to get together with the CM(s) on Watermelon Island (opens every hour for 30 minutes and is accessible through Manta Reef). Make sure to accept Kettle Kob’s event quest “Stop Thief!” in order to receive Water Balloons that you can throw.


    Then, on Watermelon Island, you will need to try your luck and throw Water Balloons at the CM(s). Every player that successfully hits a CM will get rewarded with 10 Primal Essences.

    When will the event take place?

    The event will take place on June 28, 2020, and start at the following times:


    17:00 - Begin

    17:30 - End


    18:00 - Begin

    18.30 - End


    19:00 - Begin

    19:30 - End

    See you in-game!

    The EOS Team