Patch Notes | June 17, 2020

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    With this small update you'll get a glance at lot's of summer, lot's of sun and a lot of sunshine!

    It's getting hot in Echo of Soul!

    Dova, the Manta Reef Guide, invites you to the fun summer island of the Pori!

    If you like water games, summer games, catching fish, palm trees, coconuts or just want to relax on the summer beach of the Poris then don your best swimsuits and follow the guide to the reef!

    Off we go to celebrate the summer with the Poris!

    Don't forget to collect some Manta Reef coins and fragments from Manta Reef to exchange them for great rewards!

    Check out all the details for today's update >here<!

    Here is a small overview of today's patch:

    Version: Live.62

    New in the game:

    • The Summer Event on Manta Reef has begun.
      • Complete several quests and help out the Poris on this island:
        • Manta Reef Sightseeing
        • Manta Reef Master Chef
        • Lime in the Coconut
        • Gone Fishin'
        • Challenge! Break the Violet/Blue/Red Watermelon
        • Challenge! Hit the Red/Blue/Green Target Pori
        • Stop Thief!
        • and many more repeatables!
      • Enter the Watermelon Island for additional quests and some hot waterballoon action to cool you and your friends off!

    This event will end on the 22nd of July 2020.

    Known issues:

    • The Leveling event and the Legendary Equipment Material drop event in Distorted Dimensions have ended a week too early.

    We thank you for your patience.

    Have fun!


    The EOS Team