Event - Manta Reef Summer Event

  • How to participate?

    The first time you will log into the game, you will receive automatically a new quest, once accepted you will have to head towards the Pori NPC located next to each Warps in every big cities!


    Once the quest validated, the NPC will give you several quests that you will need to follow in order to gain access to the Manta Reef island! Indeed, you can not go to the island unless you possess a swimsuit! You will also need to remove your weapon in order to go there.

    You need to achieve a few quests in order to obtain two tickets, once you obtained both of them you will get a [Manta Reef Lifeguard Set] allowing you to go on the island!

    The first quest is about killing a hundread mobs of any level in the Friggard world in order to get the [Summer Vacation Ticket], the second quest will ask you to clear twice the indicated dungeons in order to get the [Swimsuit Exchange Ticket]!

    Once your [Manta Reef Lifeguard Set] obtained, open the box and equip the costumes so you can go on the island by speaking with Dig Duv!

    FYI, if you already possess a swimsuit, you can go right away on the island!

    Once on the island, what to do?

    Like any good holiday destination, rest! Once well rested, go exploring this island, you will find many quests!

    • Manta Reef sightseeing: you will have to follow the arrow in order to find other NPCs and talk to them.
    • Manta Reef Master Chef: you need to gather Pearl on the island in order to cook them. To do so, you will have to buy the formula at the merchant: [Craftsman's Recipe - Pearl Jam Stew] (You need to be level 400 on your chef in order to use it!)


    • Lime in the coconut: you need to gather coconut on the island.
    • Spick and Span: you need to collect 5 Pet bottle, 5 Empty Bottle and 5 trash.
    • Gone Fishin': by using the net you will have to catch 10 Starfish.
    • Challenge! Break the Violet/Blue/Red Watermelon: once accepted, you will get teleporter to a location where you need to find the right watermelon! Then use the Bat in order to break them! You think it is easy? You got a blindfold :D
    • Challenge! Hit the Red/Blue/Green/Rainbow Target Pori: with the water balloon you will have to hit the targets. Be careful, each targets possess a color and so do the balloons!
    • Stop Thief! : you will have to use the Water Balloon on the players in the Watermelon Island which opens every hours for 30 minutes! In order to get there you will have to talk to the NPC Watermelon Island Entry Staff!


    On the Watermelon Island you will have access to two quests:

    • The Golden Watermelon: collect 10 Golden Watermelon
    • Mature Melon: collect 10 Ripe Watermelon

    What to do with the Manta Reef Coin Fragment obtained ?

    You will have to go and see the merchant of the island:


    He will offer you many items which can be bought thanks to those fragments!



    You can transform 10 Manta Reef Coin Fragment into one Manta Reef Coin by right clicking on them!

    faq_ete5.png = faq_ete6.png

    In order to turn one Manta Reef Coin into fragments you can buy at the merchant the [Manta Reef Coin Fragment x10 Box]. Once obtained, right click on it.

    What are these items?


    Scroll of Swimwear Reinforcement

    This objet will allow you to turn one of the 3 swimsuit set into a costume that you can optimize. In order to do so, right click on the objet then left click on the costume then validate the message. After that, the costume will have new stats!


    Essence of the Sea Flap Flap

    This items allows you to improve the costume you have transformed. In order to do so, click on faq_ete8.png then on the costume. Once on the new window, click on the essence and then confirm to start improving your costume!



    Spirit of the Sea Flap Flap

    By clicking on it you will gain the title "Mega Manta Rider" and the achievement!

    How to gain those others achievements ?

    Coming with the Manta Reef island, two other achievements are now available !


    You will have to be on the Watermelon Island in order to get those.

    The first one is for hitting people with the Water Balloon and the Second one is for getting hit by people's Water Balloon!

    Those two achievements will grant you two new titles!

    The event will end on July 22nd, 2020.

    Enjoy the sun and don't forget the sun cream!

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