Panda Lamps or Lamps and Pandas?

  • Jiangxi-Panda.png

    We heard that you all love a good panda boy (or girl) and so we came to provide the cuteness to you all! Behold, the Mystery (Swift) Jiangxi Panda Box! Holding more than just pandas you may just find the Urban Fashion Set Box for example! Lots of things to possibly get, we wish the best to the lot of you for the Swift Jiangxi Panda!

    Alongside this, we also offer the Guru Zima Magic Lamp which will hold Enhancement Items to help support you throughout both Royal Jewels and Atisans! Make sure you power up!

    Lastly, we offer a Darkness Magic Lamp! You may find the Blue Cogbot, Black Kitsune, Assassin Set, Succubus Costume and a number of other items that you may like for your adventures!

    Now available in our webshop!