Notice: Golden Hammer of Botan Exploit

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    Greetings, Soulkeepers!

    This is to inform you about our decision regarding users who take advantage of the Golden Hammer of Botan exploit.

    As most of you know, this bug/exploit allows near perfect to perfect stats on a gear piece with a minimum amount of used Hammers of Botan.

    We do not acknowledge this as an intended feature and will thus take more severe actions than we have up to this point.

    Before the coming maintenance on May 13, 2020 all exploit abusers and users who bought bugged gear are obligated to normally reshuffle their gear stats with one Hammer of Botan.

    Those who do not adhere after the maintenance has concluded will be warned in the form of a temporary ban.

    Repeat offenders can expect harsher penalties.

    Depending on the history of the user, we reserve the right to take individual measures and remove manipulated gear from the game.

    Any damage caused, for example, by the purchase of manipulated gear through the auction house will not be compensated.

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