Treasures, Costumes, and You!

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    Welcome to our shop! We offer quite a lot that you may be interested in!

    We have the Energetic Pet Box of Toji, including our new Toji pets ranging from legendary to uncommon quality and useful buffs! To satisfy your need of pets like Lemurs, Anteaters, Bernards, Ciskais, and Toris!

    You can get the Angelic Magic Lamp to gain items like the Golden Cogbot, the New Angel Costumes and much more! Available in 1, 10+2 or 30+10 packs.

    Lastly, the Lucky Gold treasure box package might be one of the things you might be interested in! With a guaranteed minimum of 13 Lucky Gold treasure boxes to a maximum of 23 you can test your luck!

    Now available in our webshop! Please do hurry as all these pets, treasures and costumes wish to go to you! This deal will end on May 12th 2020.