The Box of the Magic Dragons

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    We have quite a lot to offer this time around just you sit, wait, and see!

    Up first we have the Flying Golden Dragon! A fantastic sight to see from our Mystery Dragon Box! Get a massive 15% bonus to your license while onboard and give 50% movement speed while onboard for 10 whole seconds! There are 2 versions of this beast for you to see it's true potential!

    After we have the Pori's Magic Lamp VII which has the Swift Sun Quilin, Swift Demonic Quilin, the Swift Moon Quilin, Mechanic, Street Fashion, Anubis, or Nerodin Time Extension inside! With a lot to gain it's certainly something to ponder!

    Lastly to expand that beautiful inventory of yours we have the Jumbo Bag Package holding 4 Jumbo Bags that expands your inventory by 30 slots each!

    Now available in our webshop!

    Make sure you hurry, because all these beautiful deals will be ending April 28th!