[TGM] NecroBlade

  • Hello everyone :)

    My name is NecroBlade and I recently joined the EoS Team. Hope we will spend a wonderful time together.

    So that you know something about me, here is some information :D

    - I have been playing EoS since middle-ended of EOS Classic.

    - I love any kind of pastas and beef stakes.

    - I'm always smiling and in a good mood, ready to help in anyway i can.

    The motto I'm following and also motivates me at the same time is: "If you fight, you can lose. If you don't, you already lost".

    As a GM, I will be always here to help you guys with any pieces of information, suggestion or requests, and most of the time I will answer in less than a few minutes.

    If you need me, you can find me in the Discord, on the forum or of course on the servers.

    Edun: GMNecroBlade

    Aesir: NecroBlade

    Levina: EOSNecroBlad

    Best regards,