[GM] Juuki

  • Hello Soul Keepers ~

    I have recently joined the Echo of Soul team, and I'm looking forward to a wonderful time with you!

    What is there to know about me?

    -I am Vani's teddy bear and follow her everywhere. :love: (That's how I came to Echo of Soul)

    -I played Echo of Soul Classic privately for a short time. So please don't blame me if I don't know everything right away. But hey I'm learning fast!

    -I'm crazy and shy.

    -I am available and ready for you with advice and ready to take action. I hope you give me a chance!

    -I am available to answer any questions, I don't bite (not always) ;)

    I look forward to a pleasant time with all of you ~

    In the game you will find me as:

    Aesir: Juuki

    Edun: GMJuuki

    Levina: EOSJuuki

    Otherwise I am always available for you via Discord.!