Enhancements and More!

  • EoS16.3.2020.png

    We know that you all been waiting for such a prime opportunity to be getting your hands on magnificent jewel upgrades! Well now is the time!

    Of course we have the Soulstone Zima Mystery Box (199AP) and Atisan Zima Lamps all included in this time to upgrade those amazing Jewels! Be the talk of the town with your polished jewels!

    The Dimension Packages 1, 2, and 3 help you take a risk on the more wild side of things! Who knows what you may get in this fantastic offering!

    The Polishing Experience +1000 and +500 Scroll packages are here and ready to be used! Take advantage while it's around!

    We're currently offering BOGO's on Guru Safeguard (x3), Guru Enhancement Booster (x5), Enhancement Booster (x5), and last but not least the Safeguard (x3)!

    Of course it wouldn't be a sale without the Zima's Magic Lamps we offer! Including the x1, x3, x5 +1, x10 +2, x30 + 10!

    Lastly to bring it to a speedy closing the Guru's fine conversion scroll - 50% and the Superior Key Random Boxes!

    All now available in our webshop!

    This is an amazing deal that can't wait forever! This amazing chance to upgrade all your fantastic jewels lasts until March 26th, 2020 at 11:59 PM CET!