Dungeons/Raids - Hidden Challenge Tower

  • What is the Hidden Challenge Tower?

    The Hidden Challenge Tower is a new solo dungeon giving you the opportunity to fight bosses of level 90 to 92.

    What do you need in order to enter this tower?

    You will need to be at least level 70 and have an attack power of 489 000 or more (It is recommanded to have an attack power of 538000)! Of course, it is the same as for the Tower of Challenge you will need an entrance ticket which you can get from your favorite NPC every day!
    Attention! Once the ticket used, you will lose it. You will need another one in order to enter the tower.

    How to enter in the tower ?

    You will need to click on the H-key from your keyboard then select "Hidden Challenge Tower" and then enter!


    Once inside, move towards the NPC in order to show him your ticket and enter!


    Select the floor you want to reach:


    Attention! Do not forget to reset the dungeon when you want to reenter in the tower!

    Once inside, how does this tower work?

    Unlike the other towers, you will only need to change map every 10 levels!


    Once the boss dead, a treasure chest will appear behind you. Once destroyed, the next boss will appear a few seconds later!

    What can we get inside this tower?

    You may get new levels of gears, healing potions and scrolls, but also legendary fragments! But let's not forget the new object which allow you to obtain bombs!

    What are these bombs for?

    These bombs are available in the new bags which you can get from destroying a chest: faq_tour5.png
    Once obtained you may get 3 different type of bombs: faq_tour6.png

    These bombs will allow you to produce an explosion when used in the selected area which causes damage. You will do more or less damage depending on which bomb was used.
    In order to use a bomb you have to right click on it then select an area where you want to do damage:


    It is now time to enjoy this new mode!